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   Chapter 3549 The Battle Between Premium-grade Divine Gods

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6743

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"Brat, you have no chance to escape."

Although the short man was just three feet tall, he managed to catch up with Austin along with the towering creature.

Chills ran down Austin's spine when he realized that the two premium-grade divine gods could cross several universes in just a single stride and move at an incredible speed!

Moreover, the two premium-grade divine gods could control the law of supreme enlightenment in the space where Austin tried to hide.

Every inch of Austin's surroundings felt like a cage created by the minds of his enemies.

Without any hesitation, Austin immediately took out the Reincarnation Token.

At the same time, Austin waved his hand and two more magic treasures appeared.

They were the Layne's Ruler and the Kaleidoscopic Compass!

The Layne's Ruler could be used to seek good luck and avoid disaster. It could also break all kinds of arrays.

Meanwhile, the Kaleidoscopic Compass was a divine weapon for geomancy.

These two were undeniably rare magic treasures.

They were activated at the same time.

The Layne's Ruler pointed to the northeast and the Kaleidoscopic Compass' hanging needle also pointed to the same direction.

Without missing a beat, Austin quickly headed where the magic treasures were pointing.

Some of his trepidation melted away as he entered a space teleportation channel under the protection of the three magic treasures.

"Ha-ha, this guy has a lot of treasures!

I like them! They'll be mine!"

Greed lit up the eyes of the short man as he let out uncontrollable laughter.


A deafening explosion forced Austin out of the space teleportation channel with just a simple wave of the short man's hand.

Blood began to drip out of the sides of his lips!

Every inch of his body was covered with blood, like something fragile that was about to break into pieces. Splotches of bright red blood would shock anyone who'd see him.

Fortunately, Austin managed to activate the Phoenix Nirvana Skill to instantly


"Frost, I didn't expect you to come back!"

A chill filled the air as Baham spoke.

"In order to kill all the gods of darkness, I have to come back."

Frost smiled at Baham.

"Don't talk big. No one knows who'll end up dead!"

Baham sneered.

Several types of laws of supreme enlightenment burst out as he made a seal with his hands. Runes appeared one after another as if they were connecting the entire chaotic void and trembled with terrifying power.

All the runes merged and emitted a monstrous divine radiance and then he turned his palms over to strike Frost.


Tremors ran through the chaotic void as it endured the extremely terrifying pressure. Pieces of the space barrier collapsed in various places.

Waves of surging energy swept through the chaotic void, reaching a billion miles around them, and pressed down on Frost and Austin.

'Premium-grade divine gods are terrifying.

This man can probably kill hundreds of medium-grade divine gods in the blink of an eye!'

Austin thought.

"This is a piece of cake."

Unlike him, Frost wasn't impressed and just flicked his fingers to release a ball of divine light.


The two forces collided with a deafening explosion.

Countless shining lights burned violently in the void and lit up the three thousand big and small universes.

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