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   Chapter 3548 Being Pursued By Premium-grade Divine Gods

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The Evil Shadow King—Austin's father-in-law, and Caroline—Austin's wife were both revered in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos because of their connection to Austin.

That was why the people guarding the entrance to the cosmos didn't dare to stop them.

The Evil Shadow King and the other members of the evil shadow race left the Fallen Immortal Cosmos and moved forward.

"My King, I sense that our ancestor is somewhere in this direction. If we keep heading there, we'll be sure to meet him," Priest Callum said to the Evil Shadow King.

Priest Callum used his own blood to perform a secret skill he used to pinpoint their ancestor's call.

And so, the Evil Shadow King and his people kept moving.

Meanwhile, an abandoned continent was floating aimlessly in the chaotic void of the three thousand big and small universes.

On it, stood a tall, menacing figure.

"My descendants have sensed my call and they are now on their way here,"

the tall figure murmured to himself.

He was terrifying to look at since he had no head, his eyes were his nipples and the navel was his mouth.

It was none other than Thad.

An hour later, the members of the evil shadow race came into his view.

They were steadily racing towards the abandoned continent.

All of a sudden, Priest Callum who led the way paused in his tracks.

"My King, look!" Priest Callum said to the Evil Shadow King as he stared dead ahead with shock.

"That person may be our ancestor !"

His voice shook as he struggle to utter his words.

Immediately, all the members of the evil shadow race looked ahead.

They saw a vast abandoned continent floating in the chaotic void.

A tall figure stood patiently on it.

"That's really our ancestor!

We finally found him,"

the Evil Shadow King echoed the voice of his comrade with more glee.

He didn't expect that they would really find him.

Even the Evil Shadow King had never seen the ancestor of the evil shadow race before, not to mention his people.

Thad stood there, waiting for them. The members of the evil shadow race were so shocked that they left their mouths hanging wide open.

"Hurry up! Let's go greet our ancestor," the Evil Shadow King ordered his people after he snapped out of it.

With that, he bolted towards that deserted continent ahead of him.

"Ha-ha! My descendants, come here!"

Thad laughed loudly as he looked at his descendants.

Meanwhile, in the three thousand big and small universes, Kevin was informed of that all the mem

t the Reincarnation Token. It doesn't let me down."

Overjoyed, Austin hurriedly made his escape.

At the same time, he filled Peterson, Morphy, Frost, Brain and Oswald in on what happened using his spiritual sense.

Under the protection of the Reincarnation Token, Austin safely fled into a spatial teleportation channel.

Meanwhile, the two premium-grade divine gods were left dumbfounded in the Mysterious Celestial Cosmos.

"Did I see it right?

Isn't that the legendary Reincarnation Token? !"

The short man showed untold shock on his face.

"Yes, that's the Reincarnation Token.

Otherwise, that brat wouldn't have a chance to get away from you.

Does he have anything to do with the reincarnation race?

Is he a descendant of the reincarnation race?"

the tall premium-grade divine god wondered.

"Ha-ha! You are thinking too much.

I had heard that many Reincarnation Tokens of the reincarnation race had gone missing and its chief had sent his men out to look for them back in the ancient times.

This brat must've been lucky and stumbled upon one by chance.

If he was a descendant of the reincarnation race, how could he possibly stay in the three thousand big and small universes?

It's impossible,"

the short man answered with conviction.

"Let's go. We can't let this guy escape!"

The short man rushed towards the direction of Austin.

He scanned through the space in front of him and tracked Austin down. He then pointed at the direction of the spatial channel where Austin was.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out in the spatial channel. Caught off guard, Austin was thrown out of it and he coughed up blood.

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