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   Chapter 3547 Welcome Our Ancestor (Part Two)

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Soon after, four medium-grade divine gods left the stronghold of the gods of darkness and went into the respective universes.

"Good. All of the gods of darkness that were stationed in the Mysterious Celestial Cosmos were wiped out," Austin said with a contented smile.

"Well done, Austin!

Teach those bastards a lesson. They should be ready to be killed if they are ready to kill!" the Heavenly Majestic Pot yelled in excitement.

Somehow, he felt a little better knowing that Austin avenged the people that the gods of darkness killed in the Heaven God Cosmos.

"Okay then, I think I will take back another one!" Austin shouted.

He released the purple sword again and manipulated it to rush towards the Full Moon Cosmos.

In a flash, the purple sword had already entered the Full Moon Cosmos.

The sword quickly emitted dazzling purple sword radiance and released a sword aura that sent raging waves.

At Austin's signal, it instantly came for the gods of darkness.

"You will not get past me!"

Out of the blue, a medium-grade divine god appeared and deflected Austin's flying sword with his own magic treasure. He performed a secret skill that withstood the powerful attacks of the purple sword.

"What? Why is there a medium-grade divine god guarding the Full Moon Cosmos?"

The presence of the medium-grade divine god caught Austin by surprise.

Austin would have no problem bringing down preliminary-grade divine gods with just his Flying Swordsmanship.

However, it wouldn't be enough to finish off a medium-grade divine god. The furthest thing that it could achieve was to push the enemy into a stalemate.

Austin still tried to push his luck and controlled the purple sword to attack the medium-grade divine god. But after a while, the sword


At that moment, Priest Callum was on an ancient altar.

"My King, I have figured out the general location of our ancestor.

I can feel that he is calling out to us!" Priest Callum told the Evil Shadow King.

The ancient altar was surrounded by the members of the evil shadow race.

Among them was Caroline, one of Austin's wives.

"Are you sure that our ancestor is summoning us?" the Evil Shadow King asked with a thrilled expression on his face.

"Yes. I'm pretty sure!"

Priest Callum trembled in excitement.

"Everyone, join me as we set off to welcome our ancestor back!

The return of our ancestor is such a grand event.

It indicates that our race will finally enter its period of glory!"

the Evil Shadow King shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Welcome our ancestor! Welcome our ancestor!"

Every member of the evil shadow race began chanting the words, and followed the Evil Shadow King.

Feeling a call arising in the depths of their blood, every member of the evil shadow race couldn't suppress their excitement.

Then, the Evil Shadow King and the members of the evil shadow race headed towards somewhere outside the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

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