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   Chapter 3539 Current Situation Of Fallen Immortal Cosmos

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Inside the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, Kevin was informing their people of Austin's situation.

"Calm down, everyone. Don't panic. I just got the news from the chaotic world tree that the looming disaster has been solved. There is no need to leave the three thousand big and small universes anymore!"

Kevin announced to the crowd with glee.

Everyone cheered in joy upon hearing the announcement.

"Also, I've got a piece of even better news.

Austin is back!"

he added with a wide grin on his face.

"Really? Austin is already back! That's great!

It feels so unreal!"

The senior leaders of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos let out a sigh of relief.

Austin was adored by everyone at the Fallen Immortal Cosmos since he served as their protector and leader. No one would know what they would do without him.

They believed that they could overcome any difficulty as long as Austin was with them.

"Master Kevin, is he really back, safe and sound?"

Caroline, Ivy, and Sue couldn't help but ask Kevin a second time. The excitement of meeting Austin again had their hearts pumping.

"Yes, don't worry anymore. He has come back, alive and kicking. I believe he will soon return to the Fallen Immortal Cosmos,"

Kevin answered with a smile.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Austin's arrival

A few hours later, a figure slowly emerged from the starry sky of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

It was none other than Austin.

"The spiritual energy here is so rich and dense! And the law of supreme enlightenment seems to have been perfected."

Austin was filled with pride as he released his spiritual sense to know the situation in the entire Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

The chaotic world tree was right. The Fallen Immortal Cosmos was now a middle-grade universe. Not only that, it was also the most advanced middle-grade universe out there.

"Austin, you're back!"

Kevin exclaimed as he saw Austin.

While Austin was away, Kevin, with the help of Peterson, Morphy, and other divine gods, had successfully refined the original energy essence of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

Now, he had become the real master of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

But Austin still held a special place in it, being the nominal owner.

Actually, it was Austin who proposed this from the beginning.

From the beginning, it was Kevin who took care of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, and Austin was well aware of that. That was why he proposed that Kevin should be the rightful master since he pour

y fierce and intimidating as transparent waves circled around him. A loud whistling sound was heard coming out from his body.

Austin could tell that what was happening to the divine silkworm was a sign of breakthrough.

The divine silkworm was now at the premium stage of Divine Realm. Soon, he would become a preliminary-grade divine god!

'No wonder the chaotic world tree just told me that a divine god would soon appear in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

It turns out that it's the divine silkworm, '

Austin thought to himself, overjoyed.

"Yes, I have vaguely felt my cultivation was bottlenecking these past days. And it seems that the critical time is coming,"

the divine silkworm responded and nodded.

"Here you are. Take them. You can use them when you break through."

With a wave of his hand, Austin took out a Space Ring and handed it to the divine silkworm.

This Space Ring contained a large number of rare treasures from heaven and earth, divine pills, divine crystals, and all kinds of precious treasures.

These treasures were all obtained by Austin while he was travelling in the Fallen Divine Valley. For a warrior at the Divine Realm, the value of these treasures were simply unimaginable.

"Now I'm infusing all my experiences and insights I attained when I underwent the Apotheosizing Doom into your Soul Sea. Use them wisely."

Austin waved his finger and a beam of light shot into the divine silkworm's Soul Sea.

"Austin, you're finally back!

You have to take revenge for me!"

Out of the blue, a tall old man in silver clothes appeared in the starry sky. He crazily ran towards Austin with fear on his face.

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