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   Chapter 3534 Kill Colby

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In a blink of an eye, Austin suddenly appeared in front of Colby.

"Thunder, please be more violent!"

Austin attacked the black mass of clouds high above. The small purple sword along with a myriad of sword waves slashed into the sky.

Several huge clouds were cut in half with a single strike!

The dignity of the heaven was inviolable. The supreme enlightenment seemed to have sensed Austin's attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As Austin expected, the thunderbolts became more violent. Each column of lightning carried a tremendous amount of energy which were aimed towards him.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Others hoped that the Thunderstroke Doom would grow weaker and last shorter when they broke through the Heavenly Doom so that they could make it out as soon as possible.

However, Austin provoked it again and again like he thought it wasn't powerful enough.

As a result, the opposite happened. The Thunderstroke Doom became more and more powerful.

"Brat, aren't you afraid of dying from the Thunderstroke Doom?"

Colby tried to intimidate his opponent.

He was trying to regain his composure when Austin rushed towards him with thunderbolts.

Since he came from the underworld, most of his secret skills were related to ghosts and corpses.

But thunder was the fiercest and most violent energy in the world. It was somehow suppressing his own power.

"Ha-ha, I'm not afraid. Even if I die, I'll take you with me!

In fact, you're the one who should be afraid!"

Austin said as he let out a sinister laugh.

"Go to hell!"

He was acting quite arrogantly. Without hesitation, he rushed forward and raised his fist.

The small purple sword, together with the many purple sword waves, slashed towards Colby.

"Brat! Since you want to die so bad, I'll help you!"

Colby was irate. In response to Austin's cocky behavior, he waved the eight Nether Pictures for Deceiving Heaven midair. As they rose, they turned into eight dark clouds and tried to envelop the entire chaotic void.


The coffin under his feet, with an overwhelmingly violent energy, dashed towards Austin.

Only a fool wouldn't admit that Colby was very powerful. He was one of the top masters among the medium-grade divine gods.

However, his attack had just begun.

The thunderbolts from the sky came crashing down towards him.

Meanwhile, Austin again appeared in front of him in an instant.

The space was instantly submerged by the densely packed lightning snakes.

Almost everything was covered in lightning


The small purple sword hit the huge coffin which let out a huge spark as the impact was heard from miles away.


A piece of the coffin was cut off.

"Ha-ha! It's amazing!"

Austin couldn't

will remember this battle.

This is the first time that a creature has fought against his enemy fiercely while going through his Apotheosizing Doom!

This is nothing short of a miracle.

And Austin did it!

His name will go down in the books for this feat!"

every creature mumbled to each other as they watched the ensuing battle.

They were in admiration of him!


The battle was both fierce and crazy.

"Ah… This is unfair!

You only have me at the ropes because of the Thunderstroke Doom! This is not a fair battle!"

Colby was very close to admitting defeat. After fighting a long, gruesome battle, he expected the Thunderstroke Doom to eventually weaken. But instead it steadily became more and more violent.

He kept cursing Austin in his heart because he had brought such a terrifying Apotheosizing Doom.

Colby continued to cough up blood as his face turned pale as chalk.

"Ha-ha, you want to talk about fairness with me?

You are a medium-grade divine god, while I am only a cultivator at the Divine Realm.

When I broke through the Apotheosizing Doom last time, you wanted to destroy my chance to become a divine god.

How shameless of you!"

Austin laughed.


While the battle was raging on, one of Austin's avatars quietly snuck behind Colby and punched him, which sent him flying.

Each of his three avatars could transform into his real body at any time.


More than a dozen thunderbolts hit Colby. He gritted his teeth and smoke rose from his body.


Austin took the opportunity to swing his purple sword and cut Colby's body in half.

"Ah! No!"

Colby could do nothing but scream in pain.


Then, Austin unleashed a flurry of attacks.


With one final punch, Austin smashed Colby's body into pieces along with his soul.

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