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   Chapter 3533 I Will Bring Him Down Myself

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Austin's eyes were cold and ruthless as he stared at the people of the underworld. There was a cruel sneer on his lips. He didn't think that they deserved any mercy let alone respect.


Austin activated his bodily movement skill to the extreme. In a flash, he was among the people of the underworld.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunder rumbled and crackled as it aimed towards Austin.

Countless streaks of lightning gathered together and struck at Austin.


Run now!"

Those who were standing close to Austin were hit and their bodies were either fried or blown to bits.

The weaker ones died on the spot as their spiritual souls stood no chance. They were also easily destroyed by the lightning.

"Come on, is this all of it? Can't it get any more interesting than this?

I'm not afraid of you!" Austin roared as he looked at the flashes of lightning.

With his sword in his hand, he threw a punch at the lightning with the other in a challenging manner.

The clouds seemed to have sensed Austin's provocation, and responded with more violent flashes.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More streaks of lightning came out from the clouds and like a massive electric cage, they engulfed the space where Austin was standing.

"Look, that's the thirty-six-colored Thunderstroke Doom. The lightning appears in thirty-six colors!" someone exclaimed in disbelief.

It had never been seen by all of them before.

The crowd was shaken up as they looked at the multi-colored lightning bolts.

They had never even heard of it. What in the world was the thirty-six-colored Thunderstroke Doom? It was like a miraculous spectacle, beautiful yet deadly.

"Why is this guy's Apotheosizing Doom so different from the others? Is he some kind of an exceptional talent?"

someone remarked curiously.


That freaking hurts.

Run! Get the hell out of here!"

The people of the underworld screamed in pain as they were hit by the fatal bolts one by one. Many divine gods who weren't fast enough and were hit by the lightning ended up sizzling to death and going up in smoke, some without a trace.

The smell of burnt flesh filled the air and hurt the lungs of anyone who was unfortunate enough to breathe it in.

The divine gods of the underworld desperately used their bodily movement skills and fled in all directions, anywhere just to get away from the merciless forked claws of the lightning bolts.

They couldn't defend themselves from the eighteen-colored lightning, not to mention the thirty-six-colored ones.

The only exception was Austin who was incredibly fast.

In an instant, he caught up with the divine gods on the run and even ran past them.

The lightning was following Austin, and now it struck the divine gods of the underworld too.

As the lightning bolts pierced through their delicate bodies, the members of the underworld were knocked down one by one, screaming incessantly in a kind of pain they never knew existed.

"Austin, you are courting death!" Colby bellowed, fuming with anger.

And so did the devilish nether beast.

The two of them initially planned to distract Austin when he

liminary-grade divine gods and the masters at the Divine Realm.

"Austin, you are a heartless killer!" the thoroughly-odd beast and the fire-disaster beast uttered with untold hatred, as they glared at the young man with dagger-like looks.

Still not intimidated by what Austin could do, the two of them rushed over with several preliminary-grade divine gods in an attempt to stop Austin from hurting more of their men.

"Don't worry, Austin. We are here to help you!"

Peterson and Morphy had already taken their men to the thoroughly-odd beast, the fire-disaster beast and the medium-grade divine gods, blocking their way.

"Austin, I'm going to kill you!"

At this point, the devilish nether beast and Colby bolted towards Austin with the medium-grade divine gods of the underworld. They held furious looks on their faces.

"Don't panic, Austin. Let me help you!" Jarvis shouted.

He dashed forward and stopped in front of the devilish nether beast.

Austin, on the other hand, walked up to Colby.

The lighting fell from the sky and struck Austin continuously.

However, Austin looked as if nothing was happening. He even made it look like the lightning was part of his aura as he made his way towards Colby.

"This time, I'd like to see up close if you really have the ability to get in my way and screw up my becoming a divine god."

Austin stared at Colby coldly with a vicious smile and a strong killing intent.

"Austin, you want to take my life? You think you can do that? Ha-ha!

You are giving yourself too much credit!"

Colby stamped the coffin under his feet and rushed towards Austin with a booming noise.

"Austin, don't worry about him! Concentrate and try to get through the Thunderstroke Doom.

I'll take care of him!"

Devin shouted out to Austin abruptly.

"I'll be fine. You go and help me deal with other people.

I'll take care of this old bastard.

Today, I will bring him down myself! And it has to be today!

I will finish off him before the Apotheosizing Doom is over,"

Austin said slowly, with hard determination on his face.

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