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   Chapter 3532 The Eighteen-colored Thunderbolt

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a while, Austin felt that dark clouds were overlapping in the void—like an obsidian sea above his head.

Streaks of lightning as thick as mountains passed through the dark clouds. The force they brought was so violent that it would make people's scalp tingle with fear.

"What is happening?"

The scene was so daunting that even the people around felt that something was wrong. They turned their gaze on the vast skies, visibly concerned.

"Austin is about to make a breakthrough!

This is the Apotheosizing Doom!"

someone shouted. Everybody heard him.

"He is going to face the Apotheosizing Doom the second time!

What an amazing feat!

It's only been like three years since his last Apotheosizing Doom.

How could a person actually undergo two of these in just as a span of three years?

That's incredible!"

The divine gods around were flabbergasted. They exchanged opinions about this incredible achievement.

Every divine god knew how precious the Apotheosizing Doom was to a warrior.

Some Divine Realm warriors spent their whole lives cultivating and waiting for the Apotheosizing Doom. Even at the end of their lives, some of them never had the chance to go through it even once.

On the other hand, Austin was about to experience his second when he just had one three years ago.

To make things even more remarkable, everyone knew that Austin's breakthrough during the last Apotheosizing Doom was interrupted forcibly. As a result, he suffered a great loss, and his vital energy had become unstable, which caused him much damage.

Logically speaking, in such a situation, it was extremely difficult—impossible, even—for Austin to obtain another chance to become a god by break through the Apotheosizing Doom.

However, regardless of the odds stacked against him, he still made it. This made him an exception.

"What a freak he is! I can't think of anyone who can do this apart from him!"

"This guy seems to be destined to be a god!

How could it be so easy for him to obtain the opportunity to break through the Heavenly Doom and become a god again and again?

It's too unfair for those who cultivate hard all their lives and can't become gods!"

People began to emotionally comment on Austin's achievement.

This even took the attention of some of the Divine Realm senior masters. They were in the three thousand big and small universes, closely watching this scenery from afar.

These masters held a grudge against Austin. It irked them to

ughly-odd beast and the fire-disaster beast also gestured their people to wait for the best time to fight.

These divine gods were very familiar with the Apotheosizing Doom. So they knew when to make a fatal move to interrupt Austin and the destructive effect would be at its greatest!

"Humph! I will make you suffer from this Heavenly Doom!

Don't worry. Even if you don't come to me, I will reach out to you!"

Austin scoffed. His spiritual sense had already brought their reaction and plot back to him. He knew that they had plans to interrupt his breakthrough.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Black clouds flew over to Austin one after another, bombarding him with thick thunderbolts.


There are actually eighteen colors. They are eighteen-colored thunderbolts!"

"Oh my! This is a kind of thunderbolt that only exists in legends. It actually appeared during Austin's breakthrough!

Is he going to create a miracle?"

The divine gods felt the hairs on their back stand. They were surprised. They thought these only happened in the legends.

"Everyone, get out of the way. The eighteen-colored thunderbolt is very frightening! It has a certain spirit. Once someone touches it, the consequences will be unimaginable!

Everyone, step back. Don't touch them!"

some knowledgeable elders reminded everyone.

Everyone subconsciously stepped back, pulling themselves away.

At this moment, Austin suddenly roared.

"Don't you want to destroy my Apotheosizing Doom?

Well, now, I'll give you a chance!

All of you, come to me!"

He rushed towards the people from the underworld, carrying tremendous energy. He was determined to wipe all of them out!

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