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   Chapter 3531 No Match For Him

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"Ha-ha! You overestimate yourself!"

Without any hesitation, Austin took out a magic herb and shoved it into his mouth, swallowing it in one gulp.

Warmth spread throughout his body as the medicine instantly restored his strength to its peak.

Once he was sure that he was healed, he slashed his small purple sword again. Dazzling streaks of purple sword radiance containing endless chaotic sword intent burst out of his single strike.

Cold light lit up the void of the three thousand big and small universes as his sword swept across the sky. It was extremely intimidating.

All the powerful cultivators in the three thousand big and small universes turned to look at Austin.

Shock could be clearly seen on all of their faces.


Austin can fight against a medium-grade divine god!

Does that mean they're equally powerful?!

In terms of vital energy, he's only at the Divine Realm!

How does he do it?

This is unreal!"

Questions flew through the air as they looked on the situation in complete shock.

"That bastard has become too strong!"

Some of Austin's enemies became upset, such as the leader of the underworld, the leader of the Space Sect, and the leader of the Mu Clan in the Hunting Cosmos.

Confusion and envy warred in their hearts the longer they watch Austin fight.


Austin's strength is overwhelming!"

Bright joy could be seen on the faces of the gods of light, especially Peterson and Morphy.

Excitement bloomed on their faces despite their shock.

"Kill him!"

With the use of the Triple Avatar Skill, Austin summoned two avatars by his side. Afterwards, he released the twenty-one deities and three heavenly dragons out of his body.

Swoop! Swoop! Swoop!

All three Austins moved at an astonishing speed and even their shadows were dazzling to look at.

"Austin! Go to hell!"

A roar ripped its way out of Colby's throat as he waved his hand. Eight Nether Pictures for Deceiving Heaven flew towards the sky, covering the heavens like eight dark clouds that constantly became bigger and were embed with dark runes.

Originally, there were nine Nether Pictures for Deceiving Heaven, but one of them fell into Austin's grasp. However, the combined power of the remaining eight was still terrifying and shouldn't be underestimated.


A dark coffin pushed past the thick black mist and rushed towards Austin.

There was no denying that this coffin was another incredibly powerful magic treasure.


Both Colby and Austin couldn't be seen from within the black mist. Only the echoes of their roars served as proof that t

big and small universes, the situation had changed.

There was no advantage for him in the chaotic void.

While Colby wasn't restricted at all!

It was a completely fair battle.

Both sides could display their full strength!

"Bastard, you narrowly escaped death.

There won't be a next time!"

A chilling cold filled Colby's every word. Without saying another word, he stood on top of the black coffin and stamped his foot. The coffin shot towards Austin.

Once again, the eight Nether Pictures for Deceiving Heaven enveloped Austin like thick dark clouds.

"Austin, you're no match for him. Get out of there.

Don't push yourself too hard!"

Peterson decided that Austin was weaker than Colby.

"Master, don't worry. I know what I'm doing!"

Austin replied.

"Maybe I won't need a next time. Maybe I'll kill you today."

Austin confidently strode towards Colby.

"Don't push yourself!

I admit that your strength is very strange.

Even an ordinary medium-grade divine god might not be able to defeat you that easy.

Unfortunately for you, you met me.

Do you really think you have even a snowball's chance in hell to defeat me?

Stop dreaming and get ready to die,"

Colby sneered.

"You're too confident.

But be careful."

Austin warned and appeared before Colby in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, something suddenly happened around them.

Dark clouds gathered above the chaotic void, constantly letting out loud rumbles of thunder and bright flashes of lightning.

A huge sea of thunder that spanned hundreds of millions of miles slowly appeared above Austin.

"What's going on?"

Everyone was a little confused and peered up at the terrifying sea of thunder above Austin's head.

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