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   Chapter 3528 Austin's Return

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10418

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"What are you waiting for? Break this space immediately!

We need to find that tree as soon as possible!" a junior leader of the gods of darkness shouted at the divine gods.

"All right. Let's do it together!"

The other divine gods responded actively. They were very eager to break the space where the chaotic world tree was hiding until it showed up.

A large number of gods of darkness, as well as creatures from the isolated alien spaces, quickly gathered and surrounded the said space. They activated their divine powers one after another, ready to smash the space at any time.

In the distance, seeing that a large group of divine gods suddenly gather, Peterson immediately knew that something wrong was going on. With their location, he assumed that they might have discovered where the chaotic world tree was hiding.

"Everyone! Listen to me. We have to stop those bastards! We can't let them destroy the space where the chaotic world tree is located!"

He secretly sent an urgent message to the other gods of light nearby.

Upon receiving Peterson's message, the gods of light cheered up as they were also itching for battle. They couldn't wait to crush the gods of darkness who had been a thorn in their flesh since a long time ago.

At the same time, in a certain chaotic void of the three thousand big and small universes, a space barrier suddenly began to tremble. The space surrounding it started to distort.

Then, from the void, Austin stepped out.

'Finally, I'm back, '

Austin said in his thoughts as complex emotions surged from within his heart.

He immediately released his spiritual sense to perceive the situation. In just a few seconds, he realized the general state of the three thousand big and small universes.

"Hey, brat! You're back at last!

You've got to help me. I'm in a total bind!

A large group of divine gods has surrounded me. I won't be able to escape this unscathed!"

The chaotic world tree immediately sent a message to Austin through its spiritual sense as soon as it sensed his aura. It felt so surprised and pleased that he suddenly appeared at this crucial moment.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of them. You can relax now."

Upon knowing that the chaotic world tree was still safe and sound, Austin felt so relieved. A huge chunk of heaviness in his heart was lifted.

He was grateful that he decided to come back ahead of time, or he might have regretted it.

"Really? Relax?

Boy, I appreciate your confidence and courage, but you don't seem to understand the situation!

What are you going to do? Face all of them by yourself? There are so many of them!

Just get in here and help me get out of this place.

Brat, let me just remind you that if something terrible happens to me, your beloved Fallen Immortal Cosmos will also suffer!" the chaotic world tree said anxiously to Austin.

It didn't think that Austin had the strength to defeat the divine gods that had invaded its location. Instead of fighting them off, it just wished that he helped it escape from there.

"Come on. Have a little faith in me, will you?


flash, he could kill about seven preliminary-grade divine gods.

"Damn it! He's just alone!

Can't we do something about him?!" one god of darkness shouted in panic.

He trembled as he saw that they were being killed one by one.

Everything that was happening was inconceivable for them.

The powerful fighting power that Austin was displaying was incomprehensible.

He was slaughtering preliminary-grade divine gods left and right effortlessly.

Even some medium-grade divine gods didn't have that capacity.

"What's happening?

How did he become that strong?!"

"Is that really Austin? There must be something wrong going on!"

Most of the divine gods were too shocked to take action. Their bodies froze as they saw the cruel deaths that befell on their companions.

"Oh, there're still so many of you?

Just go to hell, will you?!" Austin shouted as he paused briefly from attacking and looked at how many were still standing.

This time, he released a greater amount of energy without reservation.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

He wanted to finish it in one go so he employed the Triple Avatar Skill. He called his avatars, twenty one deities, and three heavenly dragons to aid him in eliminating his foes.

Crash! Boom!

The small purple sword soared like a purple sun and burst out endless purple sword radiance that drowned the entire space.

Crash! Splat!

With his powerful attacks, more and more divine gods were killed.

At the same time, in the distance, a large group of divine gods led by the two fierce beasts, which were the thoroughly-odd beast and the fire-disaster beast, were confronting the gods of light led by Peterson, Morphy, and the other senior warriors.

"What the hell?!

Listen, all of you preliminary-grade divine gods! Stop fighting that guy head-on! All of you will be slaughtered!" the thoroughly-odd beast shouted to its companions.

Being a creature with a very strong spiritual sense, it easily discerned that none of the preliminary-grade divine gods would be a match for Austin with his current strength.

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