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   Chapter 3524 The Journey Back

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In the chaotic void of the three thousand big and small universes, divine gods covertly moved around. They seemed to be using all kinds of secret techniques and magic treasures to search for something.

These gods had all lived for quite a long time so that they had grown sophisticated through lots of experiences.

Using all their skills and treasures, each one of them searched every spot and corner they passed through.

At the same time, many of the divine gods surrounded the outside of the three thousand big and small universes.

They were from the gods of darkness side or the isolated alien spaces.

They were all sent out to search for the traces of the chaotic world tree.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the three thousand big and small universes, there existed a special space unknown to many.

In this special space, a small tree was hiding itself.

This was the chaotic world tree, and it tried to keep itself out of sight of anyone all this time.

"Those guys seem to be looking for me.


They had divine gods surround the outside, and now they're searching here. Where should I hide?

How troublesome!" the chaotic world tree sighed.

"I don't even have any idea when Austin will come back.

If they find me here, I'm on thin ice. I guess I have no other choice but to run away and leave this universe community.

It's not like Austin can't find me if I go. Besides, I need to hide soon. I'm sure Austin will look for me when he got here."

After some pondering, the chaotic world tree had finally come to a decision.

"Hmm? Wait, I think I've found something!

I just used a secret divine skill I learned from my clan. It's related to space and time, so I'm pretty sure I sensed some traces of the small tree in the chaotic void of the three thousand big and small universes.

It's a bit faint but I have no doubt it's the tree we've been looking for!"

a god of darkness suddenly cried out.

When the other gods heard about this, they all rejoiced.

The news quickly reached the base camp of the gods of darkness and isolated alien spaces.

"I guess Austin had the chaotic world tree all this time.

And to think that it's been hiding in the three thousand big and small universes! Aren't we lucky?"

"Well, now that we know it's there, we just have to exert all efforts and search every inch of the three thousand big and small universes until we find it!"

Several leaders of the gods of darkness and the isolated spaces discussed behind closed doors.

After their discussion, they sent out more people to search for the whereabouts of the chaotic world tree.

Meanwhile, in the underworld, voices could be hea

Previously, before entering the Fallen Divine Valley, Austin had experienced the Apotheosizing Doom.

However, in the middle of overcoming the tribulations, a god from the underworld used the Nether Pictures for Deceiving Heaven to launch a sneak attack on him. Because of this, all of Austin's efforts to break through the Apotheosizing Doom became meaningless.

But later, Austin's combat power made a breakthrough through the cultivation of the Introduction of Vital Energy Circulation.

This way, even though he was still at the Divine Realm, he gained superior strength that was almost equal to the divine gods.

Then, when he was already inside the Fallen Divine Valley, Austin met Elliot's junior fellow disciple, Frey.

From him, Austin got his hands on a Divine Blood Grass.

According to Frey, the possibility of achieving a breakthrough to being a preliminary-grade divine god would be increased by at least sixty or seventy percent by taking the Divine Blood Grass.

Currently, the medicinal power of the Divine Blood Grass was still stored inside Austin's body.

He didn't try to utilize it while he was still inside the Fallen Divine Valley because special rules were being enforced in the place.

But now, he finally had the perfect chance to use it and break through to the next level.

'It had definitely loosened up a little bit, but there also seem to be some invisible shackles.

Anyway, I must do whatever I can to break through and become a god!'

Austin was already in the process of his cultivation, hoping to achieve positive results before they arrived at the three thousand big and small universes.

At the same time, the airship was still moving forward at top speed. Little by little, they were getting closer to their destination.

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