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   Chapter 3522 Fighting Over The Territory (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6090

Updated: 2020-07-20 03:01

While Austin and the gods of light were on their way back, the three thousand big and small universes were in utter chaos.

The gods of light and the gods of darkness there had clashed and were locked in a confrontation more than once.

Fights or battles broke out between the two sides a little too frequently.

Since the ancient times, the two sides had been sworn enemies.

Every now and then, the members of each side would cross paths constantly. The grudge between them had been exacerbated instead of dissipating over the years.

At present, both sides were fighting over certain territories.

After the ancient divine battle, the divine gods of both groups left the three thousand big and small universes.

For a long time, no divine god had made their appearance anywhere in the three thousand big and small universes.

The Ancient Peace Agreement was what remained, maintaining the peace and order.

Because of this, most of the universes were neither controlled by the gods of light nor the gods of darkness.

Under such a circumstance, creatures within their own universes had the choice to remain neutral and select their own rulers.

For example, the Fallen Immortal Cosmos where Austin was from was ruled by him.

However, with more and more divine gods from either party coming back, the peace and order had begun to grow weak.

The gods of light and the gods of darkness had again started to fight over the worlds and universes to expand their spheres of influence.

In the Heaven God Cosmos.

All of a sudden, an earsplitting sound tore through the space just outside the cosmos.

A large hole appeared on the space barrier, creating a black space passage.

It was the work of the three preliminary-grade divine gods. Behind them stood a group of people. The divine gods rele


the Heavenly Majestic Pot shouted.

Behind him, many people of the Divine Sect took out their Teleportation Runes in a bid to activate them. They had to get out of there if they wanted to live.

This was the Heavenly Majestic Pot's plan. He had collected lots of Teleportation Runes and had given them to his men in case the need arose just like this one. They could use the runes to quickly escape.

The Heavenly Majestic Pot also took out a Teleportation Rune in an attempt to activate it.

Another preliminary-grade divine god burst into laughter. "Ha-ha! You think you can escape from me, but you can't!" he sneered and chuckled.

With a wave of his hand, a white ball flew out of him with lightning speed. Then it suddenly slowed down in a semi-time freeze and floated in the surrounding space.

In the next second, the people of the Divine Sect who witnessed the entire thing screamed in panic, running in all directions and not knowing what to do.

"Oh no! Sir, the Teleportation Runes are not working!"

"How ridiculous and pathetic! My Divine Locating Bead is the natural enemy of your Teleportation Runes. No matter how hard you try get away with it, it's not going to happen,"

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