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   Chapter 3516 The Competition Is Over

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Alston was finally dead. After everything that Austin and his team went through, all the labor and the struggle, they had finally won. As a reward for his triumph, Austin took the two chaotic magic treasures from Alston.

Delighted, he momentarily observed his reward before putting them away.

Austin also amassed all the points Alston had previously earned.

Prior to his downfall, Alston had a whooping score of over two hundred thousand points.

Austin gathered around two hundred thousand points himself. With the addition of Alston's points in his pool, he now had over four hundred thousand points.

It was won by a landslide. As soon as he killed Alston, he immediately took the highest spot in the competition.

To top it all off, he also had gotten all Alston's treasures.

Everyone underground had their eyes fixed on Austin in sheer amazement.

'He really killed Alston?'

Most of them were still left in disbelief.

Throughout the competition, Alston acted like a ruler in this area. He had a battalion of medium-grade divine gods ready to do anything for him.

He was heralded as the strongest competitor, and his strength was beyond any other medium-grade divine god. Aside from that, he also had the most members in his team.

From the very beginning, they had predicted him to win this battle easily. He was a force to be reckoned with, and no one would ever dare to mess with him.

Even all those amazing credentials, this powerful figure still perished at the hands of someone at the Divine Realm.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Silence filled the battlefield as they all stared at Austin.

All they knew was he was currently the most powerful being in the area.

"Austin, you will regret this.

Alston may be dead, but this will bite you back in the ankles someday.

You will pay for the mistake you've made,"

Meredith seethed.


In a flash, Austin was instantly standing inches away from him with the coldest glare he could ever give.

"I will never ever regret it," Austin threatened in a low voice, enunciating each word slowly, making sure Meredith would ingest every piece of it.

He continued, "If by any chance, Alston still managed to live again, I would have the pleasure of killing him again."

Austin's glare was cold and piercing. A horrifying deathly cold wrapped around his aura.

Meredith's knees buckled in fright; he could feel the chill go up to his spine.

"Do you think I will let you go unscathed? Never.

I think it's wiser if you just shut your mouth and think about how to save yourself from being killed,"

Austin spat.

He had t

competent subordinate. Moreover, he has a chaotic magic treasure. We must find him,"

Austin announced after he gave it a thought.

"Got it. Let's wipe out Alston's people first," Otis responded.

He and the other team members agreed to this plan.

"Go get them!"

With a wave of his hand, Austin moved underground to scour for Alston's battalion.

At the same time, under Austin's control, hundreds of earth dragons split up and helped him search for his target.

After a while, Austin tracked down one of Alston's loyal cronies, Lude.

Lude and his team were hiding in a mountain range.

When he witnessed Alston's death, he knew that they were in immediate danger. Without any hesitation, he took several his trusted subordinates and they ran away unnoticed.

Despite their efforts to hide, Austin still found them. They were hundreds of miles away from where Alston had gotten killed.

Austin led his team members to surround Lude and his men. They took care of them swiftly.

Austin took Lude out with one sword trike and took his chaotic magic treasure.

As soon as they took care of Lude, they continued searching for the survivors of Alston's team. If they crossed paths with other groups, they would attack them.

Getting rid of the other teams was an easy task.

Austin didn't even have to participate. He just stood by and watched his team members take care of it.

All the teams would flee the instance they laid their eyes on Austin's team. They all knew what he was capable of.

"You're going to win the victory. There is no doubt about it.

The competition is over,"

Hare commended Austin with a smile.

"You are right."

Austin nodded, feeling a little bored for he easily won the competition.

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