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   Chapter 3514 Alston's Death (Part One)

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Boom! Crash! Bang!

The fight between Austin and Alston had turned into a vicious battle. Alston's whole body was suddenly blazing, and the divine fire was kindling in the sky and the earth.


Alston's fighting power escalated a lot in an instant. He stepped forward, grabbed hold of one of Austin's avatars, and smashed it into pieces.

"Die, you bastard!" Alston uttered in fury.

His long hair flew in the air as he gnashed his teeth, resembling a wild beast. He stretched out his hand and a thick column of energy spurted from his palm. The energy column dashed at lightning speed to blow up one of the deities from Austin's body.

Austin felt an immense force from Alston's strike.

He staggered back and coughed up blood as he sustained another injury.

Fortunately, with the Phoenix Nirvana Skill, his body instantly recovered.

Even the deity and his avatar that had been smashed by Alston were restored to their pristine condition.

According to legends, the phoenix was a bird that could never die nor be destroyed. Cultivating this secret technique to the extreme was the same as having a physical body just like that of the phoenix.

Since Austin's strength had constantly been improving, this secret skill had also been growing more and more powerful.

"After him!"

Austin roared with all his might. After recovering, he wasted no time and called on his three avatars. They all moved so quickly in different directions and rushed towards Alston.

Along with his avatars, all the twenty-one divine beings, three heavenly dragons, hundreds of earth dragons, and the four legendary beasts had also swarmed and surrounded him. When they got closer, they all pounced on Alston.

All of them ganged up on Alston without even using any kind of magical skills. They battled him like animals feasting on their prey.

"Aaargh! I've had enough of you! I'll finish you all!"

Alston roared like a rumble of thunder. He was shrouded in fiery and brilliant divine light from head to toe.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

While Alston was still caught up in his wrath, th

is left hand was at work in another attack. He clenched his hand into a fist and swung it towards Alston's back once more.

These two attacks were a mere glimpse of Austin's true power. They were incredibly overwhelming, violent, and forceful.

"Aaahhh!" Alston's scream filled the air.

Terrifying explosions blew up from both his head and his back. His flesh and blood splattered everywhere, and his thick divine blood spurted out like a fountain.

Sustaining such mutilation, Alston's body got tossed into the air with a great force.


Due to the monstrous impact of his own attack, even Austin incurred some significant damage.

Even most of his avatars had been shattered by the collision with Alston—three of his own avatars, fourteen of the deities, and two of the heavenly dragons.

In addition to their collapse, Austin had also lost a lot of his original energy essence.

This was a sure way of severely damaging the enemies, if not killing them, at a huge cost.

Despite all this loss, however, Austin still found it justifiable and rewarding that he managed to badly mangle Alston.

Seeing that Alston struggled to get up, Austin took out a batch of natural treasures from his Space Ring. He hurriedly stuffed them into his mouth and swallowed them. At the same time, he used the Phoenix Nirvana Skill to fix his body and soon recovered to his perfect state.

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