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   Chapter 3512 Battling Alston

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Truth be told, Alston was a formidable opponent.

All the cultivation methods and secret martial arts Alston practiced were better than anything Austin learned since he came from a superior universe. Only natives from his hometown had access to what he was taught.

On top of that, Alston also had exceptional talent in cultivation.

All the medium-grade divine gods who could face him could be counted on one hand.

An ordinary medium-grade divine god would be taken out in a heartbeat.

Moreover, everyone knew that he refined two chaotic magic treasures that greatly increased his fighting power.

However, since they were underground, Austin was confident that he could fight Alston on even footing.

If they were on the surface, it would be nigh impossible for him to be Alston's match.

Therefore, Austin quickly made up his mind to battle Alston beneath the ground.

"Austin, do you have the guts to battle me?"

Alston's voice echoed around them like deafening thunder.

"Well, since you're itching to fight, I'll grant your wish,"

Austin calmly replied and paused in his tracks as he stared down Alston.

"Austin, there you are!"

Their eyes met and Alston let out a roar.

A moment later, he managed to reign in his rage and quickly regained his composure.

Despite all appearances, Alston wasn't a stupid man. Although Austin was just at the Divine Realm, he knew that the young man was more than what he seemed.

In his mind, there was no doubt that Austin was far stronger than any cultivator at the Divine Realm.

In fact, Alston was already taking Austin seriously and was regarding him as a powerful opponent.

Since Austin agreed to fight him, his towering anger had completely subsided.

'This guy's a really scary opponent, '

Austin thought to himself.

After all, a calm enemy was harder to deal with than a furious one.

"Austin, I actually kind of admire you.

You're a mere Divine Realm cultivator, yet you left me no choice but to fight you myself. You sure have plenty of cards up your sleeve.

But soon I'll teach you that victory belongs to the strong. No matter what games you play, you're doomed to suffer in defeat,"

Alston pro

fyingly good.

No wonder no other medium-grade divine gods could match his strength, ' Austin thought to himself as he narrowed his eyes at his opponent.

A moment later, Austin was thrown into the air and Alston threw his head back to let out a bark of triumphant laughter.

"Ha-ha! Austin, how dare you fight me head on?

Even if you don't die this time, you'll still be severely injured!" Alston declared proudly.


In the distance, half of Austin's palm exploded into a shower of blood and bone.

"He really is awesome.

I tried to fight him head on and ended up like this."

A frustrated smile appeared on Austin's face.

In the next moment, he pulled himself together and activated the Phoenix Nirvana Skill. Between one heartbeat and the next, his hand regenerated and he was completely recovered to his best state.

"How is that possible? !"

Alston's laughter screeched into a halt as he stared at Austin in disbelief.

"You just suffered an injury and managed to recover immediately?

It... it can't be!"

Alston uttered in complete shock.

"Perhaps you're slightly stronger than me, but you don't have the skills to take my life,"

Austin sneered.

"Go to hell!"

With a murderous look in his eyes, Alston turned into a beam of light and rushed towards Austin.

Enormous energy gathered inside him as his hair whipped around in the wind. Deep inside, he swore to himself to strike Austin down right where he stood.

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