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   Chapter 3511 An Intense Battle Under The Ground

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"Ha-ha! This is interesting. I'll play with you slowly!" Austin taunted, and laughed out loud.

With that, he led his team members into the ground and moved forward.

When Alston arrived at the place where Austin's team had been, he didn't see anyone.

"We finally found out Austin's strategy—they move underground. I believe we can do that too.

Let's scour beneath the earth, and kill Austin once and for all!" Alston clenched his fists out of sheer rage. For far too long, Austin had been outsmarting them. It was about time for them to exact revenge.

Without waiting for a response, he performed a secret skill and disappeared into the ground.


The other medium-grade divine gods were dumbfounded. They exchanged confused looks with each other because they didn't know what to do.

They knew that in this Fallen Divine Valley they would be slowed down regardless of whatever mode of travel they choose—may it be flying in the sky or going underground.

"Let's give it a shot. Alston is right. Now that we know that Austin's team can dive into the ground, it's a good idea for us to give it a try.

Besides, we outnumber them. Even if something happens to us, we can handle it together. There is nothing to fear,"

an elderly medium-grade divine god reassured the rest of the team.

"Okay, let's give it a try!"

Now that their morale had been boosted, they were ready to execute the plan.

Therefore, the medium-grade divine gods unleashed their secret skills to enter the ground.

Soon enough, they were already travelling below the earth.

Medium-grade divine gods used all kinds of skill to follow Alston.

"This is not good. There is indeed some special restrictions below the ground. I can't move as fast as I did above!"

"Me too. What's worse, I can feel that my powers are tremendously weakened here."

Most of them screamed when they went underground.

They couldn't move freely like they were on the surface.

Their speed slowed down, and the area that they could perceive became smaller. To make matters worse, their strength had also been restricted. As a result, they got rattled.

"Don't be afraid. Just band together and don't act alone.

Once we find Austin

he did so, his points skyrocketed. For every kill he made, he amassed high scores.

Soon after, the earth trembled, and Austin's team members finally arrived.

Each of them rode on the back of an earth dragon.

Thanks to the earth dragons, Austin's team members could move freely without any restrictions.

"Go to hell!"

With that, Hare and Otis activated their chaotic magic treasures to attack enemies.

The magic beasts and the earth dragons also fought the medium-grade divine gods who tried to take Austin's life.

The entire underground turned chaotic.

Sounds of distress could be continually heard.

Those who were against Austin were killed one by one.

"Ah! It's Austin's team!"

"Look, Austin is over here. He's killing people from our team again!"

"What a horrible bastard! Let's run!"

Realizing that they couldn't do much in this situation, most of the medium-grade divine gods from the opposing team were frightened to death. They witnessed their members get massacred one by one. They screamed in horror.

"Austin, come out, you son of a bitch.

Why are you hiding from me?

Man up and fight me head on.

I'm not afraid of you!"

Alston thundered.

"Is that so? You are eager to have a few rounds with me?"

Austin stopped in his tracks when he heard Alston call him out.

He knew that the fight between him and Alston was inevitable. He had to face him sooner or later. The only problem was whether they should settle it now.

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