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   Chapter 3508 The Team Became Stronger (Part Two)

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Austin announced delightfully. He was filled with a renewed fighting spirit.

"Sirs, have a look at these! I am sure you can refine these three chaotic weapons."

Austin called Keysley, Magee, and Bernie aside and gave them three chaotic magic treasures.

Austin handed out a nine-ringed steel saber, a golden halberd, and a black whip.

Keysley and the other two were overjoyed at the sight of them.

In the outside world, any chaotic magic treasure would cause a fierce fight among the medium-grade divine gods or even the premium-grade divine gods. They were all eager to own a chaotic magic treasure.

But now, Austin was giving them three chaotic magic treasures. They could not feel more grateful for his kindness and generosity.

Ultimately, the three of them picked their own weapons. Keysley chose the halberd, Magee chose the steel saber and Bernie chose the black whip.

"Sirs, you'd better hurry up and refine them as soon as possible. We have a real terrible fight at hand!"

Austin said promptly.

"We agree! Let's do it!"

The three of them took the chaotic magic treasures they had chosen and went to cultivate in seclusion to refine them.

At the same time, Alston's team and all the other teams who responded to his call, had gathered in one place.

However, much to their disappointment, Austin didn't show up there at all.

"What? Where is Austin? Didn't you tell us that he would come here in no time? Where is he? Where is that son of a bitch? And I don't see a single living person here, let alone anyone well equipped."

"Alston, it seems that the information they gave you is wrong."

"Austin is completely unpredictable. He can appear and disappear mysteriously and freely, as often and as much as he wants. In a short period of time, he has attacked three teams consecutively and killed all three leaders. This situation is getting worse and we really have to do something about

Keysley, Magee, and Bernie had completed their cultivations and laughed loudly after they successfully refined the three chaotic magic treasures that had acquired during the previous battles.

Because of this, six members in Austin's team now had control of the chaotic magic treasures.

Moreover, in the past few days, there had been a number of gods of light from the three thousand big and small universes secretly joining Austin's team.

This made the number of his team reach more than one hundred and ninety.

"Finally, we can start our slaughter freely!"

Austin announced with a smile.

The six chaotic magic treasures proved their worth being extremely terrifying during fights.

"Ha ha, I like this young man! He really didn't disappoint me at all. He even went beyond my expectations.

I didn't let him find any treasures especially magic treasures on purpose.

But look at him! He still managed to obtain so many chaotic magic treasures with his own strength.

In terms of talent, intelligence, thinking ability, or luck, he is good at all of them! This competition has really brought out the best in him!"

In the sky above the Fallen Divine Valley, a pair of huge eyes watched Austin. Joyful laughter could be heard from the owner of this pair of eyes.

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