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   Chapter 3504 Take Action

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At this time, Austin was quickly travelling underground.

He used his spiritual sense to communicate with the Earth Energy. Through this, he could decipher the situation from a distance.

Since he was proficient in the Earth Exploring Technique, he could perceive the situation that was much further than he could do on the ground.

Half a day passed.

Austin found a new batch of earth dragons to supplement his storage.

His previous battles had been fierce, and in consequence, plenty of his earth dragons perished along the way.

With his newfound batch of earth dragons, he found that he now had eight hundred earth dragons under his control.

The natural energy in the Fallen Divine Valley was abundant, and the Earth Energy was also copious. Earth dragons thrived in these conditions; hence, a large batch was born.

With this on his arsenal, Austin had the upper hand.

He summoned his Earth Exploring Technique as he traveled underground, communicating with the Earth Energy. Not long after, he had set up several arrays.

The arrays weren't just any regular ones—they were special.

They had some similarities with the ordinary array, but they differed in some parts. This particular kind of array Austin set up mostly consisted of Earth Energy. It was made for a specific type of topography, forming all kinds of laws that restricted each other, thus, creating all sorts of strange and terrible energy.

The ancient Earth Masters, who had attained the summit of Earth Exploring Technique, were very powerful. They could use secret techniques to communicate with the Earth Energy in a flash, instantly change the appearance of the earth and mountains, and set up all kinds of terrifying lands of death.

Unlike these proficient masters, Austin had to spend time traveling underground to set up these traps.

At the same time, more than a dozen teams were desperately searching for Austin above the ground.

There were even instances that he was directly underneath these teams. Had these groups had been more observant, they could have found his location. However, Austin managed to escape by taking advantage of Earth Energy.

His presence was blanketed by the abundant Earth Energy. Hence, the medium-grade divine gods marching above the ground couldn't perceive his proximity even though he was literally under their feet!

In fact, thi

n's team and attack the other four groups who own the chaotic magic treasures first.

Our objective is to collect the other groups' chaotic magic treasures.

This way, our team's strength will skyrocket before we face Alston's team.

We can deal with other teams easily this way."

Austin laid out his plans. Everyone was listening intently to every word he said.

"Well, let's grab the chaotic magic treasures of those four teams first. This plan is a good one!"

After discussing for a while, they all agreed.

"Great! Let's move!"

With a wave of Austin's hand, more than one hundred and sixty earth dragons emerged from the ground. They carried them from the field and disappeared into the distance.

Now, the number of Austin's team members had reached more than one hundred and sixty.

Many of them were gods of light from the three thousand big and small universes.

Not long after, traveling under the ground, Austin's team had approached a team marching on the ground.

They had more than one hundred and eighty persons. Their leader was a strong man in black with a ferocious look on his face.

Based solely on his outward appearance, he seemed to be a very tough guy.

"This is our target!

Be careful and cooperate with each other according to our previous plan!

After all, the most important thing when we take action is to do it in the quickest way possible!

Otherwise, things will be troublesome when other teams come here to assist them!"

Austin warned the others seriously under the ground before they began their sneak attacks.

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