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   Chapter 3502 The Huge-crowd Strategy

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Austin had made himself clear, which meant that he would not stop going after Alston until either of them was killed by the other.

Originally, in this battlefield where the medium-grade divine gods competed with each other, Alston thought that he was an invincible expert and that he was destined to defeat everyone and become the most dazzling winner in the end.

No one dared to provoke him as the consequences would be severe.

However, no one had expected such a turn of events. Alston was not only provoked and challenged, but also humiliated deeply by his opponent.

What added to the shame was that his challenger was only a Divine Realm warrior! This was a bitter pill for him to swallow.

"Austin, I swear that I must kill you, or I will have to kill myself instead!"

Alston was so angry that his whole body trembled violently and he almost ground his own teeth to bits and pieces.

Visible furious flames ignited around his body, burning the air and twisting the surrounding space near him.

With a wave of his hand, more than a dozen colorful contacting stones flew out of his sleeves and landed in front of his subordinates who were medium-grade divine gods.

"All of you, go and investigate his whereabouts right now.

Report to me as soon as you find anything!"

With a gloomy face, Alston gave out his commands to the medium-grade divine gods in his team.

The medium-grade divine gods were a little hesitant and looked at each other with furrowed eyebrows. If they indeed came face to face with Austin, it could mean their sure deaths.

Just a few seconds earlier, everyone clearly heard the news that the people who were sent out to search for Austin had already been slaughtered by Austin on the spot. There were no survivors.

They all came to the realization that it was a rather dangerous task to make any investigation on Austin's whereabouts.

"Go now! What the hell are you waiting for?"

Alston roared in anger. He was very dissatisfied with their reactions.

Those medium-grade divine gods were pressed down by the aura around Alston, making their hearts beat extremely fast. With no choice but to obey, they hurriedly left, each with a contacting stone in his hand.

"Austin, from now on, I will come after you no matter where you go! You are to be doomed and it is bound to happen sooner or later!"

Alston cursed with such resentment plastered on his face.

Meanwhile his subordinates had begun busily searching for Austin in every nook and cranny of a certain area.

Once they found something, they would immediately report it to Alston through the contacting stones that Alston had provided.

However, Austin had clearly sensed the situation and immediately found out their tactics.

"Ha ha, it seems that Alston regards me as a formidable enemy,"

Austin sneered.

For the time being, he decided not to deal with Alston head on. He felt that it wasn't the right time

He had made this decision because Alston's team was still large in number and apparently strong.

Moreover, it was said that Alston himself was also very powerful,


All the people around looked at Alston with a puzzled look. Was he making up words? Was that a real strategy?

"Send our men to contact all the teams in this battlefield.

Invite them all here so we can corner and kill Austin together!

At that time, all the teams will work together to form a large encirclement formation. We can carry out a thorough search for Austin. I believe that with so many people searching for him, we can definitely find him! We can no longer miss him if he is backed to a corner!"

Alston announced loudly.

"Alston, that's a good idea!

But I wonder if the other teams in this battlefield will listen to you. Well, at least we have to give it a try,"

an elder medium-grade divine god said to Alston cautiously.

"Humph! Now I can believe that Austin's points are close to two hundred thousand!

He also has three chaotic magic treasures and all kinds of treasures which are priceless. He's a fucking fat sheep!

Besides, he and his team have destroyed at least a dozen teams during this period. Their harvest is absolutely amazing.

It could be said that everyone in his team has made great progress and they have acquired a number things from their victories over the other teams.

What's more, despite his simple outward appearance, Austin is actually cruel and merciless. He deliberately revealed the location of their base camp and lured other teams to hunt them. Once I tell others about his plot, it would definitely cause public indignation and he will become the most hated enemy in this competition.

So, don't worry. All you need to do is to tell everyone about Austin and his evil deeds.

Ha ha! At that time, I will take advantage of my prestige in this battlefield to call for everyone to unite and deal with him together. I believe that most of the teams will respond to me actively!"

Alston sneered.

"Wow! That's awesome! This is such a brilliant idea!"

His men all shouted with excitement upon hearing their boss' plan.

In no time, Alston had sent some smart men to do the job.

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