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   Chapter 3500 Find Austin

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It wasn't news to Austin that Alston held a deep grudge against him. He knew that their disputes had to be solved sooner or later.

He believed that Alston had already found out that he came from the three thousand big and small universes.

If he didn't kill Alston in the Fallen Divine Valley, he might set off for the three thousand big and small universes to make trouble for him in the future.

He was told that Alston came from a supreme universe with a strong background. He could easily estimate that Alston would most likely be a pain in his neck.

Knowing all this, he had been waiting for Alston to show himself in the past few days.

And now, Austin finally felt his presence.

A little more than fifty miles away from him, Austin sensed him at long last.

"Let's stop and wait here for the perfect opportunity to attack."

Alston motioned his team to start setting up camp on the flat area where they could settle down.

"I believe that lots of teams will definitely be rushing to this area. When Austin and his team come, we'll quietly keep watch on what kind of trick he is playing.

The moment I find out everything about him, I will kill him myself!"

When he finished talking, Alston selected more than a dozen of his smart followers with good bodily movement skills. He gave each of them a colored contacting stone and asked them to inquire about the news.

He kept talking about Austin. However, he didn't have the slightest idea that several earth dragons were lurking under the ground not far from him. They were observing his moves and listening to his conversations while they sent every bit of information back to Austin in real-time.

"Oh? You plan to kill me?

Ha-ha! Well, then. Let's just wait and see who gets killed first."

Austin sneered as he found out about Alston's ignorant provocation.

Alston wasn't even aware that he was being spied on.

Realizing that he had the upper hand, Austin smirked.

Not a minute later, he noticed the auras of some strangers.


It looks like three different teams just entered the fifty-mile radius around me.

Hmm, let me see. There seems to be about a hundred and fifty people of each team, '

Austin thought to himself.

It was true that in this competition, the only teams that managed to survive until this moment either were equipped with chaotic magic treasures or had a large number of people.

"Hey, everyone! Looks like we have work to do,"

Austin announced as he stood up. He had a faint smile on his face.

"Great timing!

I c

hrough the colored stone, the voice was quiet for a moment.

"Alston! This young man is at the Divine Realm!"

The voice coming from the other end of the colored stone sounded excited.

"Ha-ha! That brat is definitely Austin!

You did a good job, Ben. Stay there and keep an eye on him. If anything happens, report immediately!

I'm on my way there with the others."

He gathered his men and motioned them to get moving. "Ha! I finally found you, Austin.

Just wait and see. I will take back my chaotic magic treasures and tear you into pieces!"

Alston declared as he snickered.

He had been searching for Austin for days, and now he finally found his enemy.

"Let's go!"

With a wave of his hand, he led more than two hundred medium-grade divine gods and headed off to where Austin was.

"Hmm. Alston's on his way here."

Despite steering clear of his view, Austin had a clear understanding of Alston's every move and conversation as though he was just right in front of him.

After hearing about Alston's plan to take him on, Austin thought for a while about what they should do and made the decision.

"I don't think we have to face him right away. Let's not waste much of our energy yet. We have other things to do."

Everyone knew that Alston had a sizable team of more than two hundred and fifty people. He even finished refining at least two chaotic magic treasures.

Their overall strength would be superior and terrifying.

Knowing all this, Austin didn't want to challenge them head-on.

"Come on. Let's go and hunt another team!"

Austin called on his men and led them into the ground. They headed for another team of more than a hundred and fifty people.

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