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   Chapter 3498 Meeting An Acquaintance

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Seeing that Tyrell had made his move, Austin activated his bodily movement skill and moved to a different spot in a flash to avoid Tyrell's attack.

Then just as quickly, Austin took out the flute and activated it directly. Then came the runes of sound.


Streaks of purple sword-light tore through the space and came at Austin.

"Wow! That small sword packs a very powerful punch!"

Austin couldn't help but be a little surprised as he stared at the small purple sword in Tyrell's hand.

"Austin, you're doomed now that you've met our leader!

Everyone! Let's work together to help Tyrell to kill this brat, Austin!"

the skinny old man Hare behind Tyrell shouted.

"Agreed! Let's surround Austin first in case he escapes!"

"I heard that he has a team lurking around here somewhere. Everyone, pay attention to anything that might seem weird around you. Be on the lookout and prevent his team from saving him!"

The rest of the team supported his idea and began moving to surround Austin.

At this time, Hare had discretely moved close to Tyrell just in case any stray runes attacked him.

"Tyrell, go to hell!"

While Austin was activating the flute to attack Tyrell with his left hand, he pulled out a long sword with his right hand, slashing out rays of sharp sword-light that combined the energy of 13 billion sword attacks into one. At the same time, he used his bodily movement skills to the extreme, constantly and successfully avoiding Tyrell's frontal attacks.

"Here, Tyrell, let me help you!"

at this time, Hare roared as he stood behind Tyrell.


With a wave of his sleeve, more than a dozen magic treasures flew out at the same time and formed a halo around him. All of a sudden, they exploded at the same time, hitting Tyrell in the back.

These divine magic treasures were detonated by Hare's original energy essence. They were indeed very powerful.

"Go to hell!"

As Hare threw out a dozen magic treasures, his fist constantly enlarged, spurting out violent energy and hitting the back side of Tyrell's head.

"Aargh! What the hell! How dare you attack me from behind! You fucking traitor!"

Tyrell screamed in pain and was thrown up into the air.

He was completely caught off-guard, seeing his own team member suddenly changing sides to attack and kill him! He couldn't believe that he was being betrayed like this, right in the middle of a battle with Austin.

The other members of the team were also stunned at the scene that unfolded before them.


Austin, like a ghost, instantly jumped through space and bounded towards Tyrell's body and caught up with it, still in mid-air, and cut his body into two pieces with his sword.

The runes of sound created waves and ripples all over the sky, like a group of fish swimming in the deep sea. The runes swarmed together and wrapped the split parts of Tyrell's body to crush him.


Tyrell howled miser

o come looking for Master Frost and Master Brain will fail,"

Austin sighed.

After all, the main task of Austin, Ingram and Tyrone entering the Fallen Divine Valley was to find Frost and Brain.

However, according to Austin's estimation, this task was impossible for him to complete.

"How are Ingram and Tyrone doing in the competition area of the preliminary-grade divine gods?

The two of them are the most powerful ones among gods of their level. They should be able to win this competition smoothly as well,"

Austin murmured to himself. It had been a while since he had communication with the two. This competition had almost completely consumed all of his time and attention.

"Master Otis, please continue to broadcast the location of our base camp and attract more teams.

Besides, we still have to look for them consciously. There must be more people from the gods of light side of the three thousand big and small universes.

I think that the situation of the three thousand big and small universes is getting more and more tense.

When absolutely necessary, we will gather a group of gods of light and return to the three thousand big and small universes to improve our strength as a whole!"

Austin ordered and explained the reason for it.

"Okay, understood! The three thousand big and small universes, wait for me! We will be back soon!

Ha ha..."

Otis burst into laughter. He was confident that he could win the competition and would be able to leave the Fallen Divine Valley alive and in one piece.

"Austin, I will also go back to the three thousand big and small universes with you. Please show me around when that happens," Magee said.

Some other medium-grade divine gods, who didn't belong to the three thousand big and small universes, also looked forward to it. Spirits were high within the team.

"Ha ha, all of you are welcome to the three thousand big and small universes!"

Austin said with a wide grin.

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