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   Chapter 3496 Luban (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5981

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After a while, more than half of the team members were already dead.

There was no denying that Austin's attacks, combined with his fast bodily movement skill and the magic power of the flute, were really terrifying and not to be messed with. The use of two chaotic magic treasures at the same time also added to his strength.

"Argh! Austin, you... You destroyed my team! How dare you!"

Their strong dark-skinned leader was dumbfounded seeing the lifeless bodies of his team members.

He swore that the young man in front of him was the most powerful Divine Realm cultivator he had ever encountered. Austin's power had even long surpassed his wildest expectation. He had completely underestimated the young man.

Austin was just a warrior at the Divine Realm, but he was able to destroy a team consisting of over fifty medium-grade divine gods.

This was indeed something out of the ordinary and beyond imagination!

The strong dark-skinned leader named Luban finally understood why Alston offered such a huge reward for the head of this young man in front of him!

"Master Otis, please come out and finish the battle as soon as possible! My job here with this team is done!"

Austin called out loudly.

"You heard him! Attack!"

Hearing Austin's words, Otis rushed out together with his fighters.

Otis activated the palmetto leaf fan and waved it with all his might. The energy wave of the fan immediately killed two people!

"Stop! Stop!

No one is allowed to resist anymore!

Austin, don't kill us! Please!

We didn't mean to do this but we didn't really have a choice here. We hide wherever we go and couldn't afford to bother any other teams.

My team originally had only five people. We were cautious and alert every single day. By befriending and for

Luban's decision. Had he given it any thought?

This was indeed beyond his imagination. He never expected that Luban would make such a decision so quickly.

"I mean it, Austin. You are just at the Divine Realm, but you have already harvested more than a hundred thousand points and three chaotic magic treasures. Your combat power is terrifying. I really admire you, Austin. So I decided to join you.

The people from my race really admire heroes like you, the most. So I have decided to be your follower from today!"

Luban said with determination.


Austin was still confused at this moment, not knowing what to say, still reeling from this sudden turn of events.

Seeing Luban's determination and expectant, begging eyes, Austin finally agreed to let him join the team. He also brought along his former team members.

Because of this, Austin's team had expanded into more than seventy people.

Such a group was not small.

"What the hell is that?

Be careful, guys. There are now three teams coming in from three different directions. They are now forty miles away from us. They have surrounded us!"

Austin suddenly sensed something and warned everybody.

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