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   Chapter 3495 Luban (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6402

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"It's also possible that Austin intended to find a place to hide and seek refuge. After all, everyone in the competition area wants to find him and is eager to kill him.

Unfortunately for him, his hiding place has been discovered and exposed by accident. The news spread like wild fire. That's why everybody know about it now,"

Meredith guessed while speculating on the whole thing about Austin. Whatever the real reason was, it would always remain a mystery.

"I can't rule out that possibility.

However, it is also possible that the bastard is just playing tricks on us. In that case, this whole thing is a damn set up!

Well, we will never find out just sitting here like idiots. Let's go and have a look.

I don't believe that with the combined efforts of all the people on the battlefield, we cannot find him and kill him!"

Alston said while giving a signal to his men. They then headed to the place where Austin and his people were supposed to be, according to the directions that had been given out.

At this very moment, Austin had already targeted a team of more than fifty people. He had been monitoring their every move for quite some time now.

It was rare for him to see a team with around fifty members as most teams of that size had already been extinguished and eliminated from the competition.

Currently, the teams that had survived and remained in the competition were composed of at least seventy or eighty members.

There were even many teams that had more than a hundred people!

Added together, all of Alston's subordinates would surpass two hundred and even surpass two hundred and fifty!

After Austin destroyed two of his teams in previous battles, Alston had recruited a lot of new members and expanded his groups dramatically.

"They are so small. For a team with such a limited number of members, they do have the guts to come and kill me. How ridiculous! The

was quite satisfied with the effect of the swordsmanship skill that he had refined with the energy of thirteen billion sword attacks in one. He was glad that he used his free time to cultivate such skills.

"Luban, Austin is behind us now!"

Another member of the team noticed Austin and shouted at their leader to catch his attention.

However, before anyone else could react, Austin already instantly disappeared after he killed one of their members.

In a split second, he re-appeared in a different position like a bolt of lightning.

Bam! A deafening noise filled the sky all of a sudden.

Austin activated his chaotic magic treasure. His flute made a melody that was full of murderous will. Though it was nice to the ear, it only reminded people of a brutal battlefield where bloody corpses were piled up in towering heaps.

Countless horrifying sound waves spread out in the air creating a ripple effect. They filled the whole sky like a densely-knitted web. Suddenly, they moved and swarmed like fish swimming in the sea, free to go anywhere that they wanted to go. They pierced the enemies' bodies like sharp knives which easily killed the medium-grade divine gods, one after another. Their bodies exploded and were thrown up into the air like rubbish.

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