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   Chapter 3494 What's His Plan

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At this time, in the sky above the Fallen Divine Valley, a pair of huge eyes was hiding among the clouds, looking at everything down below.

"Well, so far, this young man has done a good job.

I like him.

In addition to good luck, he has the required agility and potential.

I'll wait a bit longer and see what happens.

This competition will come to an end soon."

A voice gently sounded in the sky.

Then just like that, the pair of eyes faded away and disappeared.

At the base camp of Austin's team, everyone was sitting cross legged in his own chosen space, recuperating and cultivating.

A few days earlier, they were everywhere, fighting different opponent teams. This was their chance to heal and recharge before another team attacked.

Taking advantage of this sweet time to rest, they chose a good place that was suitable for relaxation and recuperation.

While the men were resting, Austin was wholeheartedly refining the sword aura left by the Divine Swordsman.

He obtained the sword aura in the land of death, a horrible place that he was glad he and his team were able to get out of.

However, he hadn't completely refined it yet.

'The Sword Emperor traveled across the Prime Martial World, the Divine Continent, then the Immortal End World and the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. Later, he went to the three thousand big and small universes and the Sea of Chaos. After so many years of endless journeys, he must have made great progress in the swordsmanship.

Moreover, he had once broken into the Fallen Divine Valley.

I wonder if he is still in the Fallen Divine Valley. Or has he already left?

I have also noticed traces of him while in the Divine Being's World and the Millstone of Reincarnation.

It's really difficult to pinpoint where he is now.'

Thinking of the Divine Swordsman, Austin couldn't help but sigh emotionally and wholeheartedly. It would have been great if he met the Divine Swordsman in person.

He had learned and acquired most of his swordsmanship from the Sword Emperor. In a sense, the Sword Emperor could be considered his master.

'Well, I'd better refine this sword aura first.'

Austin suppressed all the curiosities and distractions in his mind and began to concentrate on refining the sword aura.

Because the swordsmanship that Austin cultivated was inherited from the Divine Swordsman, this mass of sword aura did not reject him at all. In fact, it had always been very obedient when Austin was doing his job.

Otherwise, Austin wouldn't have the guts to hide this terrible sword aura in his body. It could prove fatal for him.

All in all, Austin's refining process went smoothly.

A few hours later, his body started trembling slightly and all of a sudden, terrifying strings of sword aura continuously flowed from every part of his body. The sword aura, as thin and as fine as human hair, was extremely powerful.

wnfall. We must attach great importance to him and treat him as a real and terrible enemy, who is also a worthy opponent!"

"Nonsense! He is just a young man at the Divine Realm. We are all powerful medium-grade divine gods. There is no need for us to take him so seriously.

Be smart and stop talking nonsense!"

The team members talked to each other as they moved their search forward.

It was indeed absurd that so many medium-grade divine gods and countless teams had joined hands to hunt down a young man who was only at the Divine Realm. If the whole story was spread out, perhaps only a few people would believe it.

In everyone's opinion, a medium-grade divine god could easily kill a weak man at the Divine Realm with one single blow.

"Ha ha, sure enough, they are here to hunt me down. That makes it easier for me to kill them without any guilt!"

At this time, through the earth dragons, Austin could clearly hear what the team members were communicating back and forth. He could not help but sneer coldly at their arrogant and ignorant claims.

Meanwhile, in the middle of a vast grassland hundreds of miles away, Alston heard the latest information on Austin's location.

"What? That's incredible!

Austin and his team members are stationed somewhere in this area, and the specific location of that their stronghold has been revealed to everyone!

What? What's going on?

What's his plan? Is he tired of all the endless fighting? This looks like his suicide party and everyone is invited!

Or could it be that he is so arrogant and stupid that he wants to fight against everyone in the area by leaking the location of his basecamp?"

After receiving the news about Austin, Alston was both stunned and confused.

"Austin! What the hell does he want to do?"

Alston couldn't help but frown at the thought of this. Now, he was totally at loss with what Austin was up to. It was driving him crazy!

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