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   Chapter 3491 A Bounty Alston Offered

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At that time, Austin and his team were resting in the woods.

After they had defeated Jade and her team, they needed rest. Some were tired while some needed time to heal from their injuries.

"I'm afraid that everyone in this area will now hunt you.

Alston is such a sneaky guy,"

Otis said with worry etched on his face.

"Austin, you have earned more than one hundred thousand points, and your cultivation base is only at the Divine Realm.

I'm afraid that the reward Alston offered will cause many people to chase after you," Bernie said worriedly.

He and several divine gods treated Austin like their friend and they were concerned for his safety.

"Don't worry.

This is a killing game.

In fact, I felt a little guilty for killing so many innocent people in this competition.

But now it can't haunt me anymore. I will take out all of those who dare attack me first.

This time, I have a good reason to kill them," Austin said with a grim look on his face.

His cruel side had been awakened.

"I'm confident that even medium-grade divine gods will have trouble killing me with my current strength and set of skills.

So there is nothing to worry.

Soon they will know who the true hunter is."

Austin's eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Seeing that Austin didn't show any fear and was eager to fight, Otis, Bernie and the other divine gods were awed by his courage.

"Ha-ha! Austin, I believe in your strength.

Those who want to attack you will definitely regret their decision."

Magee laughed heartily.

The news about the bounty on Austin's head quickly spread like wildfire.

"Let's go. From now on, we have to focus on looking for Austin!"

"If we kill him, we can get his over a hundred thousand points. Add to that another hundred thousand as a reward from Alston.

In other words, once we finish off Austin, we can acquire more than two h

e invincible,"

Bernie added.

"Well, that makes sense.

If this chaotic magic treasure is refined by another member, we can get another powerful companion.

But it would be better if Austin were the one to refine it."

Otis nodded in agreement.

Most of the team members gave their consent.

The rest of the team didn't argue even though they actually wanted to refine the flute themselves.


Since you all said so, I'm going to refine this jade flute,"

Austin finally agreed.

In all honesty, he also wanted to see how powerful he would be once he refined the chaotic magic treasure.

"All right, then. Austin, you can start to work on the flute now.

Many groups must be looking for you as we speak.

After you refine this flute, you will have enough power to protect yourself!"

Otis urged.

"On it!"

Austin found himself a quiet place nearby and began to refine the flute.

Hundreds of earth dragons were lurking underground within a dozen miles around them.

They served as Austin's scouts. Once a stranger came into their view, they would immediately alert Austin.

The jade flute now floated in front of Austin.

The number floating above his head gave off a tremendous amount of power which enveloped the flute.

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