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   Chapter 3487 Run Into Alston's Men Again

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In the following days, Austin and the twenty five members of his team continued to hunt for their prey.

Since Otis had also refined a chaotic magic treasure, the team's overall strength had greatly improved.

Knowing this advantage, whenever they spotted teams without chaotic magic treasures, Austin and his companions would go ahead and fight them head-on even if they were outnumbered.

Thanks to Austin's unequalled speed and Otis' chaotic magic treasure, the two of them could always take out the stronger members of an enemy team.

Austin usually targeted teams of forty to fifty people or even less, but seldom above that number.

If they met a team with over fifty members, they would avoid to cross paths with them.

In the following days, Austin and his team had eliminated several teams.

Moreover, he had also invited some powerful yet kind-hearted and easy-going medium-grade divine gods to join them.

At the same time, Otis used all kinds of means to spread the news that they were looking for those who supported the gods of light from the three thousand big and small universes.

For example, he would order his men to leave a few secret marks in some places that they knew people would pass by.

In the ancient times, the epic war between the gods of light and the gods of darkness broke out. Those who joined the gods of light used some secret marks to communicate with each other. Anyone who was a part of the gods of light's side knew those marks.

Otis' efforts had paid off.

Soon, more and more people who were connected with the gods of light came to join Austin and Otis.

These people used to fight alongside Otis and Keysley in the past, so it wasn't difficult for them to get along well. In fact they had good chemistry which was an important aspect of any team.

Just as Otis had expected, many gods of light had broken into the Fallen Divine Valley and found themselves lost in it and were unable to get out of it.

This was one of the reasons why they had participated in these tests and challenges.

Gradually, the number of Austin's team increased to more than forty.

Besides, since Austin and Otis each had a chaotic magic treasure, the overall strength of their team would be much stronger.

Austin even dared to engage with teams of over fifty people, early on.

One day, Austin and his team were resting in a dense woods.

All of a sudden, Austin opened his eyes.

He sensed a team approaching in the distance.

After all, Austin had hundreds of earth dragons with him.

These earth dragons usually dispersed and lurked dozens of miles around Austin. They worked as his scouts.

When he needed their help during a battle or a fight, Austin would summon them back to him.

With the aid of the earth dragon, he could perceive better and farther than other medium-grade divine gods.

This was the power and skill that the Earth Exploring Technique had brought him.

"Attention, everyone. We've got a situation here. The prey is on the way!"

thirty people turned deathly pale and fear enveloped them.


It turns out that she is Jade.

I heard that she is one of Alston's most capable subordinates, and Alston spoils her a lot," a medium-grade divine god said to Austin in a surprised tone.

He had joined Austin's team for only a few days.

Alston was so well-known in this area that many people easily recognized him.

"Oh, so this team of over eighty people is led by Alston, and this woman is his lover.

Ha-ha! What a coincidence! I ran into his men again.

If we destroy this team and Jade, I guess Alston will flip his lid,"

Austin said with an evil sneer.

"Rumor has it that Jade had refined a powerful chaotic magic treasure,"

the medium-grade divine god told Austin.

"A chaotic magic treasure!" Austin repeated.

His eyes lit up in excitement, and he licked the corner of his mouth in a greedy manner.

"Master Otis, let's wait for an opportunity to strike. At that time, you and I will join hands to assault that bitch and put her down quickly.

She only has one chaotic magic treasure, but we have two. We don't have to be afraid of her,"

Austin said to Otis.


Otis also nodded his head, itching to attack Jade.

At that time, Jade took out a contacting stone and talked to Alston.

"Ha-ha! I got some good news for you, Alston. My team and I have surrounded a small team. We are going to hunt them down. I miss you so much, honey. I wish I could come back to you now and have fun with you..." she said coquettishly.

It seemed that she was asking for Alston's rewards. Her voice attracted everyone's attention.

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, Alston, his eight most capable subordinates and Meredith were hunting down their prey.

All of a sudden, Alston stretched out his right hand, and a contacting stone appeared in his palm. It flashed and showed a message on it.

"Huh? Jade has besieged a small team again and is hunting them down,"

Alston said with a smile.

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