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   Chapter 3484 Kill Hyman

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Austin activated the Chaotic Striding Boots and the Peerless Lightness Skill to the maximum potential. As a result, his bodily movement skill reached such speed that the physical distance in the world became negligible to him. In less than a second, he reached behind Hyman and tried his best to launch his attacks towards his opponent.

And more than seven hundred of his earth dragons rushed towards Hyman and struck him crazily, all at once.

There was a saying that a colony of ants could still cause terrible damage to an elephant if they worked together. The joint attack from the more than seven hundred earth dragons was just like this. Even Hyman, a medium-grade divine god, was unable to deal with them all at once.

For a moment, the endless tide of energy surged and collided against everything randomly.

The small space where Hyman stood began to collapse one inch at a time, like cracks forming slowly on a mirror upon impact.


Hyman screamed out in horror and pain. Within a short period of time, he was attacked from both sides and encountered the most terrible crisis.

In particular, the sword-lights that Austin threw at him were the most powerful among all the frenzied attacks. They had been left behind in a land of death by the Divine Swordsman and Austin had stumbled upon them by sheer accident.

These sword-lights could finish medium-grade divine gods easily like it was a piece of cake.


In the end, Hyman was overpowered and couldn't resist the attacks. His body was thrown into the distance by the terrible energies of the attacks.

Almost half of his body was broken into tiny pieces and then turned into blood mist before dissipating.

Only half of his body was left, and his internal organs were oozing out of his body, bloody.

"You're really something else, Austin!"

Watching this sight, Otis, Bernie, Keysley, and the others could not help but praise him for his skills and power. Seeing Austin launch a sneak attack at Hyman and successfully make the latter suffer gravely made all of them ecstatic. They cheered loudly for Austin's victory.

"Kill him!"

With a wave of his hand, Otis prompted his men to launch another batch of surprise attacks as they rushed towards Hyman's men.

In a flash, they had finished many of their enemies.

All the members of Hyman's team were trapped in the grassland. The wild grass had spread on the land and made it look like thousands of poisonous snakes had sealed the whole grassland.

In this grassland, Austin had set up several arrays, some of which were used to block them from escaping, some to confuse them, while the remaining were used to attack them.


Keysley! You have arrived here!

And you, brat, who are you? How dare you attack me? Do you know that I'm Alston's most powerful warrior? If you hurt me, there will be no place for you to stay in this competition arena anymore!"

At this time, Hyman, who was gravely injured, roared in horror and rage. But that was all he could do. He couldn't even stand up straight with only his half body left.

"Ha-ha! Alston's most powerful warrior? Who gives a

n, and their companions, he and his team might have already been killed by Hyman and his companions.

"Austin! So, that is your name! I'll go on haunt you even after I die and become a ghost!"

Before he died, Hyman glared at Austin with a scathing hatred.

"Then go ahead! Be a ghost now!"

Austin didn't display even an ounce of mercy. He swung his sword at Hyman's broken body as well as his spiritual soul and destroyed him altogether.

Then, he stretched out his hand and took the palmetto leaf fan for himself. It had now become his property.

At the same time, in the distance, another battle was going on.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The earth and mountains shook to their cores. Otis, Keysley, and their companions were slaughtering Hyman's men.

Seeing that Hyman had been killed, the members of Hyman's team were all trembling with fear. Their deaths also seemed imminent. With their leader being eliminated, they had already lost their fighting spirits. Some of them even turned around and fled. This army was completely routed.

In this case, Otis' side naturally had the upper hand. They followed up the victory with hot pursuit and kept killing their enemies one after another.

"Hey, hey! Alston, bad news! Our team has been ambushed by a stronger enemy!

Hyman has just been killed by a young man called Austin, and his chaotic magic treasure has also fallen into Austin's hands!

Alston, please come and help us right now!"

a medium-grade divine god in the distance shouted desperately as he fled with a colorful stone in his hand.

He was so frightened that he forgot to use his spiritual sense to send his message. Instead, he roared out loud directly into the universe.


Austin heard what the medium-grade divine god had screamed. He also noticed the colorful stone in his hand.

"Is it possible that the colorful stone can make him communicate with Alston through long-distance telepathy?

Ha-ha, I'm very interested in chatting with that famous Alston!"

Austin sneered. In a flash, he was standing right behind the medium-grade divine god.

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