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   Chapter 3482 Revenge On Hyman

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"You overestimate me. I'm very flattered."

Austin flashed a wry smile as he tried to suppress his embarrassment.

Out of the fourteen people he met here, ten of them were gods of light.

Among all of them, Keysley was the undisputed leader.

He was one of the Jade Emperor's twelve divine generals in the Heavenly Court.

This entire team was filled with people he carefully handpicked.

"Otis, since we met here, our teams can work with each other and become one group. You can be our leader,"

Keysley suggested.

"Honestly, Austin's our team leader. He makes all the decisions.

You can discuss this with him,"

Otis explained, pointing a finger directly at Austin.

"Oh? Austin's your real leader?"

Surprise flashed on Keysley's face as he turned to look at Austin.

"That's right. Don't underestimate him. He's much stronger than I am,"

Otis proudly proclaimed with a smile.

"Well, anyone who can win Marshal Otis' admiration must be very powerful. Well then, Austin, we'll follow you from now on."

Keysley directed his statement to Austin.

"You think too highly of me, sir. I'm not that good,"

Austin hurriedly answered and swept into a low bow.

"Keysley, are those people who were chasing after you just now really Alston's guys?"

Curiosity gleamed in Otis' gaze.

"That's right.

You still remember Hyman, don't you?

In ancient times, he was also a member of the gods of light in the three thousand big and small universes.

However, he was actually one of the gods of darkness and was sent to spy on the gods of light. Somehow, he managed to kill several gods of light in secret.

I would have never expected that he'd enter the Fallen Divine Valley and participate in this competition too. Moreover, he joined Alston's team and became one of his most capable subordinates.

Currently, Alston has divided his men into three teams, each with about seventy people.

Hyman is a leader of a group.

He wields his chaotic magic treasure in his hand and leads a team of seventy people. Just thinking about his overall fighting power makes my hair stand on end.

As of this moment, he's spreading the news that all the gods of light from the three thousand big and small universes shall be killed in this competition.

More importantly, he issued a reward for anyone who could kill a god of light from the three thousand big and small universes, or even provide information about their whereabouts. Not only is he offering large amount of

w hundred miles away, a man in blue robes sat in the depths of the valley. A terrible oppressive aura emitted from the thick spear placed horizontally on his knees.

This was Hyman, one of Alston's three most capable subordinates!

Another man in black robes sat cross legged beside him.

Aside from them, more than forty people sat on the ground as well, forming a circle with Hyman in the center.

Deafening silence filled the whole area.

At that moment, something unexpected happened and shook them out of their thoughts.

An angry voice shattered the deathly silence of the valley.

"Bad news Hyman! Madison and his men were ambushed. It seems that..."

a medium-grade divine god reported in a trembling voice, a colorful jade clasped in a deadly grip within his hand.

"What are you trying to say? Spit it out!"

Hyman demanded as he jumped to his feet.

"Madison and his men were all killed!

I was using the contacting stone to get in touch with him.

Madison suddenly sent me a message that he was attacked by an unidentified team. It was too unexpected. His last message was to ask for your help.

When I tried to get some more information from him later, he completely stopped responding.

I... I think... They might be in danger... or completely dead."

Hesitation clearly showed on the medium-grade divine god's face.

"All of them? How is that possible?

No, it's impossible. We work for Alston. No one is dumb enough to dare provoke Alston's wrath in this competition!

Anyone who'd dare is definitely asking for death!"

Anger filled Hyman's voice as he tried to repress the horror he felt pumping through his veins.

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