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   Chapter 3475 Luring The Enemy

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Following Austin's lead, Otis hurried his group forward.

"Austin, where are we going?"

About an hour later, Otis finally couldn't help but ask, making sure to send his message telepathically so that no one could eavesdrop on their conversation. Even though he tried to suppress it, he was unable to hold back his curiosity any longer.

"We're going to find a dangerous place and set up some arrays around it so we can kill our enemies,"

Austin promptly replied.

"Austin, you can be honest with me. What's wrong with Lisa?"

Otis questioned, glancing around surreptitiously even though he knew no one could overhear them.

Before they all set off, Austin didn't manage to tell him about Lisa's identity.

Now in response to the question, he quickly used his spiritual sense to tell Otis Lisa's background and the details of her evil plans.

"What? What a hateful bitch! She even tried to set up a trap to hunt down my team!

Austin, I'm so lucky you arrived in time. I would have completely fallen for her trap otherwise!"

Although they weren't standing that closely together, Austin could still hear the angry grinding of Otis' teeth as he paled after learning about Lisa's plot.

"So, what's your plan?

Do you want to lure that team with more than fifty people here and fight them?

We have too few people on our side. We're far from being their match!"

Otis set aside his anger for now and began to worry about Austin's plan instead.

"I don't have a specific plan to deal with them yet. For now, let's move forward and find a dangerous place. After that, we'll fight with all our might when we meet them. If we win, that would be great. If we can't, we run!

I can set up more arrays. It shouldn't be a problem.

Let's give it a shot!"

Austin grimly suggested.


Since you've already roughly planned it out, I'll give you all my support and trust you!"

Otis nodded in agreement. He didn't become a divine god by being scared of taking risks.

Half a day later, they finally arrived at a suitable place.

'Yes! There's a very dangerous terrain ahead. That's the exact kind of place we need!'

All of a sudden, Austin's eyes lit up and brightened his entire face as he stared at the mountain range in front of him, pleasant surprise filling his chest.

"Hurry up! We're almost there!"

Austin hurriedly waved over the other members of the team.

Meanwhile, in a nearby valley where medium-grade divine gods fiercely fought against each other, Lisa's team was a

utiously warned them.

"Don't worry! We understand!"

Both the leaders of the other two groups quickly nodded in agreement.

Moving at the same time, the three groups departed to search in the three directions.

On a distant mountain peak, two figures hid within a dense forest.

One of them was Austin, and the other was Otis.

"Ha-ha! Everything's going exactly as I expected.

Each group seems to have about eighteen people. With the help of the arrays, we should be able to deal with them!"

A sneer appeared on Austin's face as he carefully studied the situation.

"Austin, you did a good job. This is a genius idea. You separated them so we could deal with them one by one.

Even if we can't win, we could still escape."

Otis showered him high praises while wearing a gentle smile.

With a wave of Austin's hand, waves of yellow Earth Energy rose from the ground and shrouded the two of them completely like fog covering the sky.

A moment later, the group assigned to search in the west left no stone unturned.

Suddenly, a large bamboo forest appeared in front of their eyes. Loud rustles of the leaves echoed in their ears as the bamboo trees swayed in the breeze.

"Hey! Darnell! Look!

Lisa left this mark! It's pointing to the bamboo forest up ahead!

Could the three chaotic magic treasures really be in the forest?"

A cry of surprise left one of the beautiful women.

She was calling out to the leader of the group assigned to the west, a strong man with a ferocious face and bore a machete on his back. His name was Darnell.

"Let's go inside and have a look!"

With a wave of his hand, he led the group into the bamboo forest.

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