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   Chapter 3466 Seduce This Guy

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In the middle of a dark cave, Austin sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.

The crackling sound of breaking eggshell was heard from the boots in front of him.

When the cracking sound stopped, streaks of blinding golden light rushed out of the boots.

Austin opened his eyes and laughed happily at the sight of this. "Ha-ha!

I did it!" he exclaimed, filled with joy.

The pair of boots shone brightly like pure gold.

Austin had successfully refined them. This means that there were no longer any restrictions on the surface of the boots.

"All right. Let's me see what the Chaotic Striding Boots can do!

I am wondering how much they can increase my speed." His eyes were filled with excitement.

He got up and began concentrating.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The boots merged directly into Austin's feet, as if they were tailor made for him.


In a blink of an eye, Austin disappeared without a trace.

In a split second, he reappeared dozens of miles away from the cave.

"These shoes make me at least ten times faster than before!"

He could hardly contain his glee.

In the Fallen Divine Valley, there were some very special laws that slowed down one's bodily movement skill.

This also prevented anyone from flying in the sky or activating omnipotent skills related to space.

This was the reason why the valley was inescapable.

Anyone who was brave enough to enter had their movement slow down to a grinding halt.

With the Chaotic Striding Boots, Austin could now move ten times faster, which almost mitigated the effects the valley had on his speed.

"I feel that these shoes will be of much help to me while using the omnipotent skill related to space.

It is impossible to use the Space Teleportation in the Fallen Divine Valley. But once I leave this place, I can only imagine what breakneck speeds I can achieve.

No wonder the shoes are a magic treasure at the chaotic level!"

Austin was still brimming with joy.

He then went back to the cave entrance in an instant.

"How did it go?"

ure to reward you,"

the woman in pink answered back as she drew closer to Austin.

She planned to take Austin's life so that she would be the one to get his points.

'There are only two prey, but there are six members in our team. This means that not all of us could get points. I need to take action now, ' she thought to herself.

"Ha-ha! Boy, come over here and let me have a good look at you.

I have a soft spot for boys with good skin like you,"

the woman in pink said to Austin as she took a seductive look at him.

"You are seducing this brat in front of my face,"

the short man whined with a sullen face.

"Come on, boy. Come over here. Don't be afraid. I will not make you suffer," the woman in pink continued to coax Austin, gesturing at him to approach her.

She seductively moved and slightly pushed her breasts together, leaving the men staring at her.

The rest of the men burst into laughter as their eyes remained fixed on the woman.

"Are you flirting with this guy in front of us?" one of them said in a playful tone.

The six of them didn't think that their prey could flee. They were confident that Austin and Magee would lose to them.

And it was a matter of time before they finished off their prey and got their treasures.

They thought it was not bad to have some fun first. After all, they needed a break.

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