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   Chapter 3464 Refine The Chaotic Striding Boots

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Austin looked at the silver boots carefully. They shone dazzling golden lights, and had mysterious runes rising all over them. He could tell that the boots contained an enormous amount of energy.

"Master Magee, you should refine these boots.

After all, you have fought over it,"

Austin said as he handed the boots to Magee.

"Austin, what are you talking about?

If you hadn't come in time, I would have died.

Your combat power is good because of all your trumps cards, but your vital energy realm is too low.

It will definitely hold you back.

If you can manage to refine the Chaotic Striding Boots, your speed will greatly increase. To a certain extent, this can make up for your low cultivation base. You need them more than I do.

Moreover, these boots are a high-grade chaotic magic treasure.

It will cost a lot of points to refine them.

You see, I only have slightly more than a thousand points. Even if I wanted to refine them, I'm afraid it's not possible.

However, you have over three thousand points. I reckon it's enough for you to refine the Chaotic Striding Boots,"

Magee responded with a smile.

"Keep them, Austin. Now, let's find a quiet place for you to refine those boots!"

Magee urged.

"Well, if you say so. Thank you so much, Master Magee," Austin replied.

Austin was not a pedantic person. He knew that it was almost impossible for him to stand out in that competition area for medium-grade divine gods.

If the Chaotic Striding Boots could really boost up his speed, it would be advantageous for him in fighting his opponents.

"Okay. Let's go.

Moreover, lots of participants have formed groups in order to have better chances of surviving.

There are only two of us, so we'd better be careful,"

Magee said in a low voice.

Then, Austin and Magee soared into the sky and began to look for a safe place.

However, at that moment, the two of them paused in their tracks at the same time.

to refine a treasure.

I hope my points are enough to refine these boots,"

Austin murmured to himself.

"Come on!"

Austin communicated the points he had obtained with his mind.

In the next second, a tremendous refining power like a raging wave appeared, and stroke the Chaotic Striding Boots!

Afterwards, the torrent-like power was absorbed by the boots.

In a second, some restrictions began to come off of the shoes. Austin then opened his eyes, and saw the restrictions shatter into pieces.

Subsequently, the boots began to emit a daunting and breathtaking aura.

As Austin sat cross-legged, streams of endless power vigorously swirled around the Chaotic Striding Boots in an attempt to refine them.

Meanwhile, in the competition area of medium-grade divine gods, the slaughter among people continued, and was getting more and more intense by the second.

Almost all of those who had no companions ended up being killed.

All the survivors had made allies and had formed teams.

The number of each team members varied.

It ranged from several to a hundred members.

The teams with more members were almost invincible and were occupied in killing their opponents.

The weaker ones either hid from those strong teams, or tried to terminate those that were weaker than them.

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