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   Chapter 3463 Got The Chaotic Striding Boots

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"Don't you get it?


Listen to me, Magee. You are indeed powerful, but that alone can't help you, because it seems that you're not quite smart enough.

That's important, you know? Because of that, I bet you can never make great achievements in your life.

Now, there's just the two of us left in our team, and you're badly injured, like a spent arrow.

Tell me, Magee. What's the use of keeping you alive?"

The tall and thin man paused as he shifted his gaze from Magee to the sky. He looked full of ambition and spoke with evil intention.

He then looked smugly at Magee. "After I kill you and get all the points and treasures, I will go hide.

I acquired so many points, and that would be enough for me to refine the Chaotic Striding Boots and the other treasures as well.

After having a good rest, I will show up once again and..." he snorted. "And then I will definitely be powerful enough to kill all of my opponents!

So now, Magee, let's cut the crap. Do you want to end your life on your own, or do you want me to do it myself?"

he asked Magee with an impish grin.

Hearing this, Magee was furious and pointed at his brazen teammate with his trembling hand. "You!

How dare you even think about killing your own teammate?

You're worse than a beast!"

The other laughed wildly. "Teammate? Ha-ha! You are so ridiculous! In this competition, the rule says that the one who kills more people than the rest will be declared as the winner.

How could you even trust your teammates?

You are indeed out of your mind, Magee.

Now, enough talking!"

He let out a maniacal laugh, and all his strength surged out. The silver spear in his hand had turned into a silver flood dragon that had quickly rushed out.

However, Magee was a short-tempered man who was not afraid of death. As he listened to the tall, thin man speak about killing him, he took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

He then roared, circulated his remaining divine energy, and confronted his teammate who was now his enemy. "I'll fight you to the last moment of my life!"

Of course, in such an exhausted state, Magee was undeniably not a match for the man at all. He mustered all his courage to fight despite knowing that he might die by his hands in just a few moves.

Just then, dozens of yellow earth dragons from underground soared into the sky and besieged the tall, thin man.

The shadows of the four legendary beasts, the blue dragon, the white tiger, the vermilion bird, and the black tortoise also appeared in front of the man. They formed an array from four directions and surrounded him.

In a flash, the earthy

n man, his total points had reached three thousand and eight hundred points.

He had become one of the contenders who had the most points.

He then turned to Magee and asked him with great concern, "Are you all right, Master Magee?"

Magee laughed and tapped Austin's back. "Ha-ha! I'm fine, Austin. Fortunately, you arrived on time. Otherwise, I'd have been dead!"

Seeing that the tall, thin man was finally killed by Austin, Magee felt completely relieved that he was now able to laugh.

"By the way, Austin, you're just at the Divine Realm, right? Why are you in this region?"

Magee asked curiously.

"That's true, though I don't know what happened.

I thought I would be sent to the region of the preliminary-grade divine gods, but I didn't expect I'd come here,"

Austin replied with all honesty.

"Hmm. You know, Austin, although you're only at the Divine Realm, your real combat power has surpassed most of the preliminary-grade divine gods'. Your prowess is closer to that of a medium-grade divine god.

Some of the weak medium-grade divine gods may even find themselves unable to defeat you!

I guess that's why you got assigned to this region."

Magee rubbed his chin as he made his speculation.

"Hmm, maybe."

Austin nodded as he stared into the distance.

"Anyway, hurry up, Austin. Take out the Chaotic Striding Boots and refine them. Your speed will soar by times!

By then, I'm sure you'll be able to truly gain a foothold in this region!"

Magee was thrilled for Austin.

The latter chuckled as he took out a pair of silver boots.

He looked at it closely and asked, "Did you mean this pair of boots?"

"Yes, that's the one.

What you have right there is a chaotic magic treasure!"

Magee explained.

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