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   Chapter 3461 Encounter With Magee

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"You're just a Divine Realm brat, but you were able to enter a medium-grade divine god level competition. Seems like you have something special, or perhaps you have some secret skill and trump card to your advantage.

However, all your tricks are nothing in the face of absolute strength.

None of your tricks will work on me!"

The man suddenly came to a stop in the middle of his speech when he saw the one thousand points that appeared above Austin's head!

"No way!

You got one thousand points!

That's incredible!"

Surprise bloomed on his face as he automatically put up his guard at the same time.

"Brat, you're as weak as an ant. How could you possibly kill ten medium-grade divine gods and get one thousand points? I don't think you're that strong.


Tell me, how did you achieve that?"

Confusion could be clearly seen on the man's face as he studied Austin head to toe.

"Sir, I just saw several people fighting each other. Both sides were seriously injured and were all dying.

So I plucked up all of my courage and took the chance to attack..."

Austin stammered, pretending to be completely terrified.

"Well, that makes sense.

Seems like you were very lucky.

I didn't expect you met such good fortune.

You've got so many points in such a short time."

The man couldn't help but nod in agreement. In his opinion, this was the only possible reasonable explanation.

It was impossible for this young man in front of him, who was only at the Divine Realm, to possibly kill ten medium-grade divine gods with his low level martial arts. That was far too unbelievable for him to even consider.

"Ha-ha! I admire you to some extent, brat.

I carefully concealed my trace and whereabouts all this time, picking out the people weaker than me and then attacking them in secret. It wasn't easy for me to get five hundred points as I faced many dangers.

Yet, here you are who got lucky in such a short time and earned so many points.

But I'm luckier than you!

What you earned will belong to me. All your points is mine.

A thousand points will bring me lots of treasures.

That's wonderful!

I will definitely rise to prominence in this competition!"

More and more excitement lit up his face.

It seemed like he completely deluded himself into believing he would get all of Austin's points.

Although, it wasn't like what he believed in was wrong, Divine Realm warriors were far too weak compared to a

, Austin found that two groups of people were in the midst of battle right in front of him!

An equal number of people were fighting from both sides.

Eight or nine divine gods were present on each side.

Every second of the battle was breathtakingly fierce!

It was right at that moment that the battle between the two sides seemed to reach its peak. All kinds of secret techniques and magic treasures were pulled out one after the other without pause.

Both sides clearly suffered great losses.

Almost everyone was profusely bleeding or trying to stem their wounds.

Every moment of the battle was clear for Austin who was looking through the eyes of the earth dragons.

"Maybe my chance has come!

It's better if they all die together. I'll go out and take on all of them after!"

Austin murmured to himself.

Moments passed as he stayed still and watched the fierce battle.

Suddenly, he noticed something.

Slowly, Austin's eyes began to narrow at what he saw.


It's really him!"

A certain powerful medium-grade divine god stood out among the two groups, surprising Austin so much that he almost let out a shout.

This discovery shocked Austin to the core.

He didn't expect to meet an acquaintance within the competition so soon.

'Seems like Master Magee is also injured.

I have to get closer to him. If he's in danger, I have to be there to help him in time!'

Austin thought to himself.

So he quickly took out the Reincarnation Token and activated it to conceal his aura.

After he perched himself on an earth dragon, he dove into the ground and sneaked towards the distant battlefield.

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