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   Chapter 3455 Escape From The Land Of Death

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After learning the essential parts of the brilliant bodily movement skill, Austin became more nimble and quicker on his feet.

As he continued to walk with his improved agility, a mysterious aura enveloped his body.

He felt easy catching up to the man in front of him, as if he was already familiar with the path he was taking.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man began to speed up as he moved forward.

Austin let out a laugh and sped up as well.

Then, the man in front suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Austin quickly followed as he also disappeared in a flash.

There seemed to be no one left in the stone hall.

But in fact, both the middle-aged man and Austin were still there.

However, the body movement skills they used were too mysterious, and the laws of order contained in their body movement skills were much stronger and advanced than the laws of space in the stone hall.

Plus, they were moving faster than the speed of light.

Because of this they couldn't be seen with the naked eye.

Their unimaginable speed made them invisible that even preliminary-grade divine gods were unable to locate them with the aid of their spiritual senses.

Another month passed.

In the stone hall, something happened.

"Ha ha, the Peerless Lightness Skill is really the first class moving skill in the world!"

A loud laughter was heard.

Then the middle-aged man and Austin reappeared in the stone hall at the same time.

They finally stopped moving.

"My task has been completed,"

the middle-aged man sighed as he looked at Austin with appreciation gleaming in his eyes.

"Thank you for your teachings, sir,"

Austin responded with respect as he bowed to him.


The middle-aged man's body suddenly exploded and turned into white light spots, flying all over the room.

Then the white light spots quickly combined into ancient words, and then formed a formula which floated in front of Austin.

"It's the secret technique of the Peerless Lightness Skill!"

Austin blurted out in surprise. He recognized it almost immediately.


Those words then rushed into his Soul Sea.

After reading it carefully, Austin now had a deeper understanding of this kind of body movement skill.

"There is a stone box. I wonder if there is some treasure in it,"

Austin murmured to himself as he approached the stone table in the center of the stone hall.

On the table laid a picture and a stone box.

The middle-aged man in the picture was the one who turned into a cultivation method and entered his Soul Sea.

Now, the pictur

inking you may never get back!"

Magee was on the verge of tears.

"Oh, no. I assure you, I'm fine. Nothing bad happened to me while I was stuck there,"

Austin replied with a reassuring tone.

"Ha ha, that's good.

We only got away from that retched place by the skin of our teeth.

Now that we didn't die in a disaster, good fortune awaits us in the future!

I believe that we will have a chance to get out of the Fallen Divine Valley sooner or later!"

Bernie burst into laughter.

"That's right! We managed to escape from such a horrible place.

I don't think there is anything else that can stop us anymore!"

Magee echoed with glee.

Everyone was excited and relieved to get out of the land of death.

"Well, let's move on.

Let's get out of the Heavenly God Valley as soon as possible,"

Austin responded excitedly, the smile still resting on his face.

"Austin, don't you remember that our main task was to come in here and find the two masters, Frost and Brain?

So far, we have no trace of them yet,"

Ingram grimly reminded.


It's very likely that Master Frost is trapped in the land of death.

But I'm not sure if he can get out of that place like we did,"

Tyrone said with worries.

"Master Frost and the Divine Swordsman had already escaped from there.

I found their traces in a coffin on the top of that mountain.

Since they have reached the coffin, they must have escaped out successfully. I'm sure of that,"

Austin explained.

"Really? That's great!"

Both Ingram and Tyrone were overjoyed to hear the news.

"Let's go then. I believe we can catch up with them very soon,"

Austin added.

Then, the group continued to move forward.

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