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   Chapter 3450 The Way Out Of The Land Of Death

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"Everyone, let's keep moving forward.

It'd be better for us if we could meet up with the two seniors!"

Joy pulsed through Austin's veins as he led the crowd to jump off the big stone and move forward.

Under his control, the Geomancy Compass floated in the air and led their way.

Bright yellow light emitted from the Layne's Ruler floating in front of Austin and lit up their path.

The others closely followed after him.


Half a day later, sinister laughter echoed from the dense forest ahead of them. A creature as dark as a ghost flashed and disappeared before their eyes.

"Green dragon and white tiger, heed my call. Go and kill my enemy!"

Austin's voice echoed loudly around them as he pointed at the ground with his finger. Spurts of Earth Energy crazily surged out from the ground.

In the blink of an eye, two vivid shadows of a dragon and a tiger, roared and rushed towards the dense forest.

Simply put, he was activating the Earth Energy in the land of death to deal with the strange things attacking them.

All the strange things in this land were born here or gathered together because of the special terrain.

Therefore, the Earth Energy in the land could more or less restrain them.

It was one of the skills in the Earth Exploring Technique.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud sounds of fighting immediately burst from the dense forest.


It could only buy us a few seconds at most."

Under the guidance of the compass, Austin and his companions finally managed to run away.

All of them kept on running for another half a day.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ahead of them, the deafening rumble of a tsunami echoed abruptly. Ancient trees that lived for thousands of years were uprooted by a thick cloud of black wind and swept into the sky.

Shadows of various demons and ghosts danced within the black gale and made harsh whistling sounds.

"Damn it! The black wind is coming at us!"

Magee suddenly screamed.

Sure enough, waves of strange black wind circled closer towards them.

Everyone's hair stood on end as the strange black wind rolled

ss, the black fish and the white fish, also slowly began to rise.

After a moment, the two fish merged together and turned into an ancient and mysterious earthly yellow rune.

"This rune represents good luck!

It's a symbol of auspiciousness!

This time, it means the compass' pointer is indicating the direction of good fortune!"

Even the Layne's Ruler began to violently tremble at the same time and pointed towards the broken black mountain.

"Both the compass and the ruler have intense reactions. Does that mean that the black mountain is the safest position, or maybe it's the way out?"

Pleasant surprise bloomed on Austin's face.

"Everyone, we must go to that black mountain!

I'm guessing that if we can get to that broken mountain, we could maybe leave this land of death!"

he said to the others.

"What? Are you sure?"

Disbelief twisted the expressions of the others when they heard his words.

"Austin, you're not joking, right? Once we get to that mountain, we can leave this place?!"

Magee exclaimed.

"Yes, everyone. Look! This symbol represents good luck in the Earth Exploring Technique.

After the activation of the compass, this symbol means that the direction will lead to a safe place without any future trouble.

So I'm guessing that as long as we get there, we can finally leave this place,"

Austin explained with an assured nod of his head.

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