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   Chapter 3446 Keep Going

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"I do know something about the Earth Exploring Technique," Austin answered honestly.

He thought that he could tell them about that.

"I see!

Austin, I can't believe that you were able to learn the Earth Exploring Technique! That is awesome!

You do stay low-key!"

Otis exclaimed in surprise, wondering what other aces Austin had up his sleeve.

"I've heard that the Earth Masters have long disappeared, and no one knows anything about their disappearance. How did you get to know the Earth Exploring Technique?!

Is it possible that Earth Masters still exist somewhere out there?"

Tyrone threw several questions at Austin.

Since he had been in that epic divine battle during the ancient times, Tyrone was fully aware of what those Earth Masters from the Earth were capable of.

He didn't expect that he would meet another person who had a knowledge of the Earth Exploring Technique.

"I was able to get my hands on some books about the Earth Exploring Technique by accident. So whenever I had the time, I learned it by myself,"

Austin replied.

"I see, okay.

As far as I know, learning the Earth Exploring Technique is no easy task.

I can't believe that you've mastered it without a teacher. You're awesome!"

Otis was full of praises for Austin.

"Ha-ha! Austin is a talented guy, and we all know that.

We were able to successfully pass the test with his suggestion.

He is indeed an amazing guy!"

Magee joined in as he remarked and laughed.

"Austin, now is the best time to put your knowledge of the Earth Exploring Technique to good use. Please get us out of this dangerous area and take us somewhere safe,"

Bernie said politely as he cupped his hands at Austin.

"Don't be so formal to me, sir. I am more than happy to show you the way,"

Austin responded as he nodded with a smile.

"Alright then. Let get going.

With Austin's help, I guess we might be able to make it out of this place. It has gotten too dangerous for us to stay a minute longer,"

Otis said, laughing loudly.

Then, Austin and his companions began their journey out of there.

Along the way, Austin performed the Earth Exploring Technique to communicate with Earth Energy. Utilizing the Earth Energy, he managed to avoid lands of death.

Otis and others followed Austin closely. They sometimes paused and stood by the edges of these dangerous places, surveying the surroundings, with a kind of fear that they could not explain.

They were told that even premium-grade divine gods would lose their lives in some of those places. In this case, medium-grade divine gods were more vulnerable and Austin didn't want to risk it.

"Austin, this area is indeed fraught with threats and unce


Rumor had it that many famous lands of death were made by some remarkable Earth Masters, not naturally formed.

Austin was good with the Earth Exploring Technique.

Although he was yet to create places as dangerous as the real lands of death, the places he made were already good enough that it could scare away lots of people or living creatures.

According to the records of some ancient books on the Earth Exploring Technique, the most effective way to deal with the lands of death was to replace the energy in those places with Earth Energy. That way, the places would no longer be dangerous.

However, there was still a long way to go for Austin if he wanted to do that.

Despite the limitations of his circumstances, Austin was confident that he could set up some places to prevent those strange things from following them.


Austin used the method of the Earth Exploring Technique to communicate with the Earth Energy nearby.

In a moment, five earth dragons appeared in different directions and transformed into vermilion birds.

Almost immediately, a raging fire rushed out from under the ground and soared into the air.

A sea of fire blocked the dozen human-shaped shadows that were following them.

The human-shaped shadows stopped in their tracks and stared at Austin and his companions who were on the other side of the fire. There was a vicious look in their eyes.

Austin and his companions took advantage of the distraction and ran all the way without stopping until they were far away from their pursuers.

"That was so close!" Austin said with a sigh of relief.

In the following days, Austin and his companions kept moving and passed through lands of death one and another.

Austin almost failed to recognize some of them for they were much too mysterious.

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