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   Chapter 3443 Swallowing The Divine Blood Grass

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Austin wanted to take the Divine Blood Grass as soon as he got it.

He was physically strong, and he had cultivated the Phoenix Nirvana Skill. With these in his arsenal, he believed that he could surpass the challenges that he was about to face.

"Great! With this chaotic divine herb and my current realm, I will be more powerful than I ever was. I can achieve this goal soon. No matter how painful it may be, I will power through it just to improve myself!"

Austin clenched his fists in determination. He could feel his spirit burning with passion.

He realized that his vital energy at the Divine Realm was insufficient for this world.

Therefore, as soon as he got the chance, he was excited to become a preliminary-grade divine god—he wanted to start as quickly as possible.


Austin swallowed the Divine Blood Grass in one gulp.


Suddenly, the tremendous medicinal power coursed through his body. He could feel it flow in every fiber of his being. Its effects made him translucent and crystalline because of its magical effects. It was like every part of his body was being activated.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The power brought by the Divine Blood Grass was boiling in his body. Austin found that his metabolism was accelerating and every corner of his body was nourished by the abundant medicinal power.

Even his spiritual soul was greatly benefited. The strong power refreshed him, and his spiritual soul was glowing, radiating colorful dazzling circles.

"Amazing! The Divine Blood Grass really lives up to its fame as a chaotic magic herb!"

Austin could truly sense the rapid changes taking place inside his body. He marveled at the feeling and the power it brought him.

After countless of rigorous training he went through, his body had been tempered to the extreme.

Especially while he cultivated the skills in the Introduction to Vital Energy Circulation, his physical potential had been deeply developed and inspired.

Strengthening his body any further was difficult since he had done plenty of things to improve in the past.

At this rate, ordinary magic herbs at the divine level would not have much effect on his body.

The Divine Blood Grass, on the other hand, a chaotic magic herb, dramatically changed his body. This only proved how powerful this item was.


After a while, Austin's body glowed and gave out feather-like lights, as if he was about to soar into the sky.

The tremendous me

e in the Brilliant Kingdom.

For Austin, this wasn't precious at all!

What was worse, it wasn't a secret book either.

Frustrated, Austin gritted his teeth and he wanted to make Frey's life difficult for deceiving him like this.

However, he understood that Frey was trapped in the Evil Nest. So, he could not just go back to that dangerous place to avenge himself. That would be too risky.

"That old bastard is cunning!

Alas, I'm still too simple. I fell into his trap so easily.

If I had anticipated this situation earlier, I would have asked for more treasures from him!"

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

At the same time, in the Evil Nest, something was happening.

"I didn't expect that that brat is indeed an Earth Master!

He is quite good at Earth Exploring Technique,"

Frey murmured in a low voice. He stayed low, hidden in the tall grass.

Following Austin's instructions, he found this place and hid there.

Sure enough, for the past few months, there was nothing weird or terrible that came his way.

He was finally relieved.

"But that brat actually took away my Divine Blood Grass, a chaotic level armor, and that secret Taoist book!

Humph! He is too greedy!

I've always felt that the secret Taoist book is very extraordinary and contains some incredible skills!

Unfortunately, after I got that book, I didn't have time to read it carefully. And now, I have nothing left. That bastard snatched it away!"

he ranted angrily.

"Just wait and see. I will get out of this damn hell and I will take revenge on that brat!"

Vexed, Frey clenched his fists tightly.

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