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   Chapter 3442 Waiting

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'A secret manual of Taoism? He said that he had found it on an old Taoist's corpse in the Evil Nest. Hmm. He doesn't look like a liar, '

Austin thought.

'Since that old Taoist dared to break into the Fallen Divine Valley and made his way to the Evil Nest, he must be exceedingly powerful.

The secret manual he practiced might be brilliant.

Come to think of it. The Introduction to Vital Energy Circulation and the Triple Avatar Skill that I have cultivated are also forbidden secret skills of the Taoist system. If I can get my hands on another secret manual of the kind, I can study it and it might help me enhance my knowledge on the two skills, ' Austin mused quietly for a while.

"Well, all right.


Austin finally agreed.

"You brat, you'll see.

One day I will leave this damned place. When I find you, I will skin you alive, cook your bones into soup, and light a lamp with your spiritual soul as fuel. I will make you suffer for the rest of your life!" Frey said through gritted teeth.

When he heard that Austin had agreed to their negotiation, he was very much relieved. However, at the same time, he was simmering with fury. After all, he had to hand over Austin so many treasures that he had valued a lot.

"Cut the crap, brat. Show me the safe areas in the Evil Nest this instant!"

Frey said with a gloomy face.

"Give the Divine Blood Grass, the armor, and the secret manual to the earth dragon first. Once I have it, I will tell you several low-risk places in this Evil Nest and give you some advice about how to survive here.

In that way, you will be much safer there,"

Austin responded.

"Humph! You want me to give them to you first? Don't take me for a fool! What if you back out?"

Frey huffed.

"You have no choice.

You know what?

Some creepy thing has its eyes on you. In a few seconds, it's going to make a move against you.

It's right there behind you,"

Austin said.

Frey raised his eyebrows and wondered if Austin was lying.

Just then, a shrill laugh echoed behind him.

A vague black shadow appeared and glared at Frey with a menacing look in its blood red eyes.

"It's this kind of beast again!"

Frey exclaimed.

"All right, brat. If you trick me, I will never let you go!"

Frey said through gritted teeth.

With a wave of his hand, three beams of light flew out and stopped in fro

really difficult to avoid all these places.

Only someone with great luck might get through all this,"

Austin murmured to himself.

"Luck... Hmm...

I got it. This test is about luck!

Only those blessed with luck can successfully avoid all the lands of death and pass the test!"

Austin shouted as soon as he figured out the test.

"Forget it. I'd better go back to the abyss and wait for Master Otis and the others.

If they manage to cross the wooden bridge and come to this area, they might be stuck in any of these lands of death. If that happens, even I can't save them,"

Austin said to himself.

'Fortunately, I can make my way through these dangerous places since I have studied the Earth Exploring Technique in the past, '

Austin secretly rejoiced.

At that moment, he couldn't help but feel lucky.

Then, he turned around and came back to the huge abyss.

However, there was no one there.

'It looks like Master Otis, Ingram, and the others haven't made it yet, ' Austin thought.

"Well, I'll wait for them here for a while."

He sat cross-legged beside the abyss.

"The only way for the Divine Blood Grass to grow up is to get nourished by the blood of four magic beasts—the blue dragon, the white tiger, the vermilion bird, and the black tortoise,"

Austin said as he took out the Divine Blood Grass.

"After I eat it, the possibility of breaking through to the preliminary-grade divine god will increase up to sixty or seventy percent? Huh!

This herb is amazing!"

Austin murmured to himself as he recalled what Frey told him.

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