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   Chapter 3436 Ready To Pass The Test

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After refining and absorbing the man in red, Austin suddenly found that he had many new memories in his Soul Sea.

It contained all the man's memories throughout his life from birth, right up to the moment he got refined just moments earlier.

It also included all kinds of cultivation methods and secret skills of the spiritual race that he had achieved.

The man was a medium-grade divine god of the spiritual race. Many of the secret cultivation methods that he had mastered were the core secret skills of his race.


Now, my spiritual sense is at least at the same level as a preliminary-grade divine god.

Many of the secret cultivation methods of spiritual souls that I have practiced in the past have long been outdated, obsolete or no longer suitable for use.

However, the spiritual soul energy related cultivation methods at the divine level for me to learn are quite limited.

But this guy has mastered several such cultivation methods at the divine level! That quite impressive!"

Austin became more and more excited as he went through the memories left by the man in red.

"Well, I can now choose a suitable spiritual soul cultivation method and start with that,"

Austin murmured to himself.

In addition to several secret skills of spiritual souls, there were also all the experiences and his understanding of the martial art in his whole life.

As a member of the spiritual race and a medium-grade divine god, the man in red had a very deep and unique insight in spiritual sense and spiritual soul.

Austin read them carefully and by the time he was done, he had gained a lot of new information and new perspective on cultivation.

After going through the secret methods left by the man in red as well as all his experiences, Austin began to read his life story.

"The blood race!

It turns out that this guy stole the identity of a member of the blood race millions of years ago and had lived with that identity ever since.

Whoa, more than one million and four hundred thousand years ago, he broke into the Fallen Divine Valley! So that was why he was trapped in this mountain range!"

Austin couldn't help but exclaim at the discovery.

Eager to learn more, Austin kept reading.

"How could someone from the spiritual race just take away someone's identity and live with it for millions of years? That's identity theft? I wonder what happened to the original owner of this!

In any case, this guy's life experience is really interesting."

Austin couldn't help chuckling.

"Hmm, here we go. There are also several secret

e other three also immediately stepped forward and expressed their gratitude to Austin.

The four medium-grade divine gods didn't look down on Austin because he was merely at the Divine Realm.

Instead, they treated him as if he was one of their peers whom they respected and held in high regard.

"Ha ha, that's enough for the greetings and praises.

Obviously, you all can't wait anymore.

Now, let's go together and go through the test!"

Otis said as he waved his hand.

"I agree! Let's go to take the test now!"

Everyone felt their energies surge upwards at the excitement.

Austin, Ingram and Tyrone however, were not too excited compared with the others.

After all, the three of them had just arrived at this mountain range and had been trapped for only a short time.

That was nothing, though. Each of the seven medium-grade divine gods including Otis, had been trapped for about one million years.

Since they suddenly saw the hope of leaving this place, each of them was extremely excited.

They flew out of the palace and headed for the abyss.

Half a day later.

They arrived at the cliff again. Austin could still remember the day they first came here.


Look, it looks like someone is going to take the test again!"

"Let's go and have a look!"

The news spread quickly. Many gods who were just in the nearby vast mountain range, rushed over to see what was going on.

To these trapped gods, passing the test was undoubtedly the most important thing, as it meant getting out of there and finally getting back their freedom.

That was why, every time someone went to take the test, there would definitely be a large group of gods coming to see how things would go.

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