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   Chapter 3434 I Will Live In Your Identity

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After quite some time, Otis finally came back to his senses.

"Ha-ha! That's great, Austin! You have really enlightened me.

I can use that. Now, I just need some time to think about how I can pass the test," Otis thanked Austin as he cast him a grateful look.

Otis then took out a spatial magic treasure so he could cultivate in seclusion. Before he entered, he tapped Austin on his shoulder and said, "See you."

Not long after, Ingram came out of a trance.

"Austin, thank you so much for this. I can't wait to cultivate in seclusion!" Ingram cupped his hands at Austin to express his gratitude.

Just a second later, Tyrone had also snapped out of his daze.

"Hey, Austin. You've helped me a lot this time. That was so cool.

Thanks! I'm going to meditate in seclusion too!" Tyrone got excited.

Both Ingram and Tyrone drew out their spatial magic treasures to begin cultivating.

"Well then, I better get some rest.

They are all preparing for it. If I want to pass the test when I take it next time, I need to be ready," Austin murmured.

He was excited to take on the challenge that he couldn't stop smiling.

He held his hands and stretched out his arms as he walked to the corner of the room. Austin sat down with his legs crossed, closed his eyes, and began concentrating.

After taking a deep breath, he tried to recall the fight between him and his opponent. He tried to note down every detail he found useful.

As Austin thought back, he realized that for two years, he had faced someone who battled with him on an equal footing.

He could easily admit that it was a tough fight. He fought hard, but he learned a lot from it.

Austin acquired new fighting skills from all the matches he had with him.

All the skills he had been practicing were put into good use, so he was able to achieve the full potential of all the martial arts skills he learned before.

As he mastered all those skills while fighting his opponent, his strength had also increased a dozen times.

After reflecting on all these battle experiences he confronted in the past two years, Austin began visualizing how he could pass the test.

"I need new strategies. I can't fight him the same way I do with others.

I should probably include an element of surprise or fight him without any strategy at all.

Hmm, maybe I can do both. Anyway, I can always bring into play the Reincarnation Token.

I've learned a lot from the first time, so I just need to remember all that." Austin had finally worked out his plan for the test.


on, your body belongs to me!

I will take over and replace you so I can continue living in this world, ' the red light thought as it sneaked up on Austin.

As if getting impatient, it sped up and swiftly flew towards Austin's head.


Right then, Austin felt that danger was approaching.

He tried to guard himself, but it was too late.

The red light had already dived into his Soul Sea.


The red light exploded immediately the moment it had broken in. Thick red fog spread everywhere.

All of a sudden, a middle-aged man in a crimson robe appeared in Austin's Soul Sea. He had a face as pale as a vampire.

The man cackled and threw his head back. He laughed wildly for a minute.

When his laughter faded, he spread his arms and spoke with conceit. "Here I am, brat!"

He then released small, crimson array flags and planted them in different areas inside Austin's Soul Sea.

His face looked smug as he inserted the flags, one after another.

In an instant, the middle-aged man had managed to set up a huge spiritual sense array in Austin's Soul Sea.

"Ha-ha! You can't escape from me now!" he snickered.

"Let me be straight with you, brat.

I want you to give me your spiritual soul and let me devour it.

Besides, starting now, I'll be using your body, and I will live in your identity.

And as for you," he snorted, "your soul will vanish and you will never come back to life again.

So, just give it up, all right?

There's not much you can do even if you try to escape.

Have I made myself clear?"

Austin furrowed his eyebrows and squinted his eyes at the man. When he finally recognized him, he looked shocked and angry.

"It's you!"

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