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   Chapter 3433 Sharing Information

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"Austin, are you kidding me?

Does this mean that you're confident that you could pass the test? "

Otis smiled bitterly.

He found it hard to believe that Austin could make it through.

During the ancient times, the three thousand big and small universes recognized him as a well-known marshal in the Heavenly Court.

Otis' talent was better than many divine gods.

Despite that, he had still been trapped here for more than one million years.

On the other hand, this young man in front of him had just arrived. And yet, he wore confidence and bravado on his sleeve. He was acting like he could successfully pass the test without trying multiple times.

"Austin, I don't want to burst your bubble here, but I don't think you understand what's going on here.

Passing this test is one of the hardest things ever.

It is absolutely difficult for anyone to defeat himself.

In fact, I even think that it's impossible,"

Magee said, patting Austin on the shoulder to comfort him.

He thought of Austin as merely an arrogant man who claimed preposterous statements; an attention seeker.

"What? Don't you believe me?

What I said is true.

It is indeed impossible for anyone to defeat himself.

Luckily, I don't need to defeat myself.

The man on the wooden bridge is just imitating me.

He is not me,"

Austin replied with a smile.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to be so insightful.

I didn't gain a complete comprehension of this point until I had tried countless times.

But even though you know that, what good does it do?

That man you'll encounter on the bridge will use the same formula and secret martial arts as you do.

Defeating him means defeating yourself.

Austin, although you have understood this point, it's still difficult for you to successfully pass the test anyway,"

Otis said in a pitiful tone, shaking his head.

"All the things you said are correct, Austin. I didn't realize that until I have tried to pass thousands of times.

However, it is still difficult to defeat him.

He knows all my secret martial arts skills.

And his fighting power is the same as mine.

Moreover, it seems that he would never consume energy and would always be in the peak state of fighting.

I have lost every battle because my energy gets exhausted.

That's why I've been trapped here for over a million years,"

the gentleman in white advised. He shook his head, dejected.

"Otis, there are so many people here. Let's go back first and talk about it later,"

Austin proposed.

Austin decided not to take the test for now because he wanted to share everything he knew about it. He wanted to provide everyone wi


He is definitely not a mind reader and I don't think he can read our minds.

Therefore, we should not follow the ordinary rules in the battle. We should completely change our previous secret martial arts skills, and even temporarily create some new skills.

As long as we surprise him with these skills and use new attacking methods, the doppelganger would have no time to replicate our skills because they're brand new.

What I mean to say is, a few minutes before we fight with the man on the wooden bridge, we change our secret martial arts skills we used to use, and even make random attacks. That way, our opponent would be unable to imitate us anymore.

If that person can't copy us, then we are not fighting against ourselves.

If we get out of this weird circle, we will have a chance to successfully defeat him and pass the test.

What do you think?"

Austin proposed enthusiastically.

At this point, he explained his theory further and detailed his plans to make it even more convincing.

Hearing Austin's analysis, Otis, Ingram, and Tyrone seemed to have been hit by something so that they were unable to make the slightest move.

They stood still, minds racing quickly.

"Yes, that makes sense, temporary changes. If we make random attacks without following our usual striking skills, he will not be able to copy these newly created skills!"

Otis seemed to be taking to himself. He was confused, ecstatic, hesitant, and lost in thought all at the same time.

Ingram and Tyrone also stood still with dull emotions.

"Well, please take some time to think it over."

Austin smiled sheepishly. He understood that what he had said was indeed too astonishing to believe. So, he was fine if they needed some time to digest his suggestion.

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