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   Chapter 3432 I Came Back To Say Goodbye

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"No, I am another you.

I am your perfect replica.

If you want to successfully pass the test, you must defeat your other 'self'--me,"

the man in front of him said slowly.

"All right. I'll kill you!"

Without further ado, Austin took the initiative to start a new round of attack.


The dazzling flying sword rushed forward and instantly tore apart anywhere it passed through.


His opponent then also swung a flying sword and blocked his attack.

It seemed that their moves and strength were equally the same.

However, Austin knew that the man was just copying him. Although his imitation was picture-perfect, Austin knew it wasn't real!

For instance, his other self might know how to perform the Flying Swordsmanship, a unique secret skill on the Earth during ancient times that Austin had cultivated.

However, in the process of cultivation, one's insights, experiences and comprehension were only known to the cultivator himself.

Although the opponent could imitate his movements, techniques, strength and momentum, they just looked very similar in appearance. However, it was definitely not the same.

Its outward form was similar, but the essence was absolutely different.

It took Austin a lot of time and effort to cultivate the secret skills, methods, and treasures that he had obtained. He knew there was no way that they all could fall into his enemy's hands just like that.

At that point, he was growing more skeptical.

Thus, he keenly observed his enemy while fighting.

After all, his comprehension and soul power were distinctly powerful.

A moment later, Austin finally figured it out.

He was sure enough!

The Flying Swordsmanship that his opponent displayed looked very similar to his own, but there was still a slight difference.

He then suddenly thought of something.

During their cutthroat battle, no matter what secret martial arts skill Austin used, his opponent would immediately use the same move to resist his attack.

More specifically, he never used any other move.

All in all, his opponent would do whatever Austin did!

It was absolutely a follower!

"Okay, I got you!"

Austin suddenly came up with an idea.


Austin stepped forward and threw a punch. The golden fist quickly enlarged and turned i

n Alston and Meredith from the supreme universe?"

"Well, it seems that this guy will definitely be able to pass the test in the future!"

In the distance, the other divine gods talked about Austin with admiration.

In a corner, a figure glared at Austin with a dangerous and bloodthirsty look.

"Humph! It's not that easy for him to pass the test successfully.

This time, I will be the one who will successfully pass the test!"

The figure was dressed in a large blood-red cloak, and only revealed a pair of menacing eyes.


Austin suddenly felt something and looked in that direction.

With a flash, the blood-red figure quietly went away.

"Don't worry, Austin. Failing the test for the first time is not a big deal. Don't be discouraged.

With your exceptional talent, I believe you will definitely pass the test in the future.

You don't have to worry at all that you will be trapped in this damn mountain range.

Come on. Let's go back and celebrate!"

Otis said with a smile as he patted Austin on the shoulder.

"That's right, Austin. I can assure you that you will be able to pass the test one day.

Don't be dejected because of this failure!"

Magee also laughed heartily and said to Austin.

"Truth is, if I hold on this time, I should be able to pass the test successfully.

However, I want to come back and say goodbye to you,"

Austin said in a low voice.

His voice was soft, but it was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

Everyone was stunned and looked blankly at Austin!

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