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   Chapter 3362 Failure (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6199

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Although most of those divine gods had been killed by Peterson the Taoist Ancestor and the others, there were still a few who had managed to escape. Austin wondered if those who had escaped had now decided to attack him and his men.

The fact was that decades had passed. With the passage of time, many creatures in the three thousand big and small cosmos believed that Austin and the divine gods, who were behind him, had left and entered the Sea of Chaos.

They even believed that something might have gone wrong with Austin and the divine gods behind him.

Otherwise, why hadn't he come back for so long? That was the question which kept lurking on their mind.

Austin came to a conclusion that those divine gods who had escaped using the altar might not be able to restrain themselves longer. He was convinced that they would reappear and make an attempt to attack the Fallen Immortal Cosmos again.

Of course, this was merely Austin's conjecture. But even he knew that it wasn't going to be so simple. Perhaps the matter was much more complicated, he guessed.

Vaguely there arose a strong feeling in Austin's mind that a huge mess was about to appear. It would prove to be a huge hurdle in his progress, he felt.

Even now, there were many evil forces unknown to him, including the evil baby under the ground of the Karakoram Mountain on the Earth, Hackett, Elliot, the creatures in isolated alien spaces, the Divine Being's World that had disappeared, the underworld which could not be found now. And there was also the huge fierce beast that had appeared in the three thousand big and small cosmos some time ago.

Ever since the beast had been sighted, there seemed to be some extremely terrifying power that was seeping into the three thousand big and small cosmos. It had led to a feeling of something sinister and ominous coming.

f supreme enlightenment.

Once it was done, the second step was to make the three thousand kinds of rules of supreme enlightenment merge into his body at the same time. All of it would burn everything in his body, from inside to outside. It would burn everything, from his spiritual soul to his physical body.

Only if he succeeded in these two steps, he would be able to become a divine god. That was how the level of preliminary-grade divine god could be achieved.

If he wouldn't be able to get through the second step, then he would be destroyed. He would turn into nothingness, in the flames of the three thousand rules of enlightenment.

"Well, maybe I am being too anxious and nervous in this situation.

With my age, experience and comprehension of martial arts, I may not be ready to become a divine god yet! Maybe there is still a lot more to do."

Austin shook his head. There was a sad and bitter smile on his face.

In the past few decades of cultivation, Austin had made up his mind to reach a point of breakthrough. He wanted to become a divine god in one go. He wanted to give it one big shot.

But for some reason, he was disappointed. It seemed to him now that he was failing. Or had he already failed?

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