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   Chapter 3361 Failure (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6285

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The foot that had destroyed the space platform had disappeared. It was nowhere to be seen.

There was only debris all over the sky. The debris was a mixture of red flesh and blood. It was what was left after the deaths of the more than a dozen slaves at the Divine Realm who had been guarding the entrance. They had been crushed down mercilessly.

"Look around. Find out who is it! Search all the surrounding space. Be alert and see if we can find the murderer!"

Master Kevin roared. He was issuing orders for the others as the scene of the brutality angered him a lot.

To destroy the entrance of a cosmos was regarded as a very serious provocation. It was bound to have dangerous consequences.

Moreover, more than a dozen of Austin's slaves who had been at the Divine Realm had been killed in a flash. That was a huge loss.

"No. Stop! We do not have to look for the murderer. Master Kevin, stop the search and let everyone return to the cosmos as soon as possible."

Suddenly, an avatar of Austin appeared in this chaotic void and urged, suggesting Master Kevin to return without searching for that murderer.

"But Austin, the enemy is ruthless. It will become too bold and unscrupulous if we don't stop it now!"

Master Kevin was furious.

"We've got to be careful. The murderer who attacked here was able to kill a dozen cultivators at the Divine Realm in one move. He must be a divine god,"

said Austin. He was sure about it. No one else could have caused such destruction.

"Well...You're right!"

After Austin had explained it, Master Kevin suddenly came to his senses. He realized how dangerous it could be for all of them.

At the same time, he quickly understood what Austin meant to say and why he was stopping them from looking for the murderer.

He knew that if the enemy was a divine god, then the people of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos co

ee the three men escape using the altar. He was surprised to see the altar able to carry three people and disappear in thin air.

It was a legend that in ancient times, there were some very brilliant array experts. These experts were so skilled that they could develop a remote teleportation altar. Such an amazing altar could help people carry out long-distance teleportation.

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor had mentioned it to Austin earlier. Just when he saw the men leave, he was able to recollect the same.

Austin had thought of it as just a legend and a myth. Not for a moment had he expected that it would appear before him. And now he had seen it with his very eyes.

As amazement receded, there were folds of worry on Austin's forehead and a frown on his face.

Being in possession of such a treasure meant that the opponent was really powerful. The legendary altar was enough to showcase their power and that was what made Austin frown.

Austin guessed that the ones most likely to possess such an altar were the divine gods who already had issues with him.

Those divine gods had destroyed the Ancient Peace Agreement and also tried to cause destruction in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. They were not going to stop only with that.

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