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   Chapter 3360 The Gate Was Destroyed

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The entire battlefield was shrouded in hazy laws, so even the preliminary-grade divine gods couldn't see anything clearly.

Fortunately, Austin was very familiar with the auras of Peterson, Morphy, and the other divine gods.

Thus, the moment they showed up, he was able to recognize them immediately.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The terrible battle near the space barrier of the Yellow Cosmos lasted for a while before it gradually ended.

"Please, spare my life!"

Everyone saw a creature from an isolated alien space beg for mercy.

However, a spear that carried a terrible force immediately pierced through his body and lifted him up in the chaotic void.


In an instant, the creature exploded. His body shattered into hundreds of pieces, and his spiritual soul turned into light droplets. He was a preliminary-grade divine god, yet he died miserably just like this.

The battle had come to an end, and the several vague figures had already disappeared.

Those creatures from the isolated alien spaces had also vanished from everyone's sight.

In the chaotic space, pieces of flesh, broken limbs, and some magic treasure fragments floated and emitted a divine light. All of them seemed to contain great power.

"What happened? Which side won?"

In the three thousand big and small universes, many divine gods and Divine Realm masters paid close attention to the battle.

"That's awesome! My master and the other divine gods have killed all the creatures from the isolated alien spaces."

In a secret room in the depths of the void of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, Austin's face lit up with surprise.

"The fighting power of divine gods is indeed terrifying,"

he sighed.

To become more powerful, he knew he had to be a divine god.

There was nothing he wanted more at that time than to become one.

"I must ignite the divine fire and become a divine god!"

Austin made up his mind and began to cultivate hard again.

As time went by, the three thousand big and small universes had undergone many changes.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten years had passed.

By then, many creatures in the three thousand big and small universes had begun to forget Austin's name.

One day, Caroline, Ivy, and Sue broke through to the Divine Realm at the same time.

Violet, the gnome, the divine silkworm, and their other acquaintances came to congratulate them immediately.

"If my master finds out about this, he will be very happy,


Thus, Violet and the others had to follow his orders.

Soon, the news began to spread like wildfire in the three thousand big and small universes.

Austin, who was almost forgotten by many creatures, became a hot topic of discussion again.

"It's so strange. What kind of person barged in our turf and asked Austin to go with him? Moreover, who is his master?"

Everyone wondered who the middle-aged man was referring to.

"It seems that Austin has really gone to the Sea of Chaos."

"That makes sense. If he were still in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, he would have shown up when that middle-aged man treated him like crap!"

"I guess he's still looking for an opportunity to break through so that he can become a divine god!"

"Humph! He is too young, but he has been dreaming of becoming a divine god. It's not that easy.

It is only a pipe dream!"

"It's been decades, yet still Austin hasn't come back. Do you think something bad happened to him?"

All the creatures speculated.

Ten more days had passed.

One day, a colossal foot suddenly fell from the sky and stepped on the space platform where the gate of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was built.


The huge space platform was smashed into thousands of pieces and flew everywhere in the void.

On the platform, more than a dozen Divine Realm slaves who were guarding the gate were all trampled into meat paste and were killed on the spot.

The gate was completely destroyed.

After breaking the huge space platform, the huge foot disappeared.

"Who did this?"

Kevin bolted out of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos with a large number of masters.

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