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   Chapter 3359 The Fierce Battle

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6499

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"Hmm? What is that?! Could that be a legendary ancient wild beast? It's horrible!"

The term ancient wild beast was used by warriors to call terrifying creatures. They stroke fear and panic into the hearts of every person who saw them.

But now, a real ancient wild beast was before them!

A lump grew on everyone's throats, as they were paralyzed in fright.

The beast was so huge, it was even larger than a cosmos!

Even a divine god couldn't enlarge his body as big as the beast's.

What was more terrifying was that the beast's body was not enlarged by some secret skill but its true form!

The fear it imposed on everyone was just too hard to describe.

No one dared to move a muscle.

Under the suppression of its extremely terrifying aura, all the creatures in the three thousand big and small universes stood still in shock.

Thump! Thump! Thump...

The beast walked forward step by step.

Finally, it stopped and looked up at the chaotic void in front of it. Its two pupils, which were much larger than the stars, radiated two beams of thick, blinding light.

"That's the location of the Divine Being's World!"

Someone soon realized that the beast was staring at the location where the Divine Being's World had been.

The Divine Being's World disappeared some time ago, leaving a vast chaotic void where it once stood.

Now, the beast was staring at the chaotic void, as if something caught its attention.

"Well, sure enough, the millstones rotated again; the road of reincarnation appeared and all the cosmoses were to be rebuilt.

I didn't expect that there would be a supreme world here.

It seems that something big is coming,"

the giant beast boomed abruptly.

'A supreme world? What does that mean?

Could it be that the Divine Being's World really became a supreme world?!'

Everyone was shocked by the revelation of the giant beast.

A supreme world or universe was just a mere leg

r a while.

Unexpectedly, the divine gods of those isolated alien spaces didn't give up. Decades had already passed and they tried attacking the space barrier of Yellow Cosmos again.

"Forget it. It has nothing to do with us. We shouldn't meddle in it.

Let those creatures do what they are doing."

After figuring out the source of the energy fluctuation, many people laughed bitterly and dismissed it.

All of a sudden, a cold voice loomed across the cosmos.

"Humph! You devils dare to come to our three thousand big and small universes and do whatever you want!"

Boom! Boom! Boom

Several blurry figures came from a distant void.

Each figure emitted a terrifying aura.

Especially the two figures in front, their aura overpowered that of the others.

"Go to hell!"

someone roared mightily.

A fierce battle soon broke out.

The figures dashed towards the creatures from the isolated alien spaces.

Unfortunately, the whole battlefield seemed to have been sealed by some great omnipotent skill, so that the people outside could not see clearly who those figures were.

"Hmm, my master and the other divine gods are attacking those creatures from the isolated alien spaces."

At that time, Austin, who was cultivating in isolation, suddenly opened his eyes.

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