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   Chapter 3358 Long-term Secluded Cultivation

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Led by Prince Aldrich, a group of powerful warriors from the Beast Cosmos stayed in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos for a few days before they left.

In addition to Prince Aldrich, there were also many senior members of other universes who arrived to express their wish to bridge connections.

In the three thousand big and small universes, everyone knew that there were about nine divine gods and hundreds of Divine Realm masters supporting the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

Such a powerful reinforcement was too terrifying.

It was truly amazing.

Many creatures argued that the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was the strongest among the three thousand big and small universes.

Naturally, everyone was eager to make friends with such a cosmos.

Many powerful outsiders wanted to see Austin in order to talk business.

However, Austin once told Kevin that he would not be entertaining anyone until he finished his cultivation.

Therefore, those powerful cultivators had to leave sulkily.

With the increasing accessibility to the outside, Kevin led hundreds of Austin's Divine Realm slaves to build a huge space platform outside the Fallen Immortal Cosmos. The work took them over six months.

A space door was also assembled on the massive platform.

Kevin personally invited the two medium-grade divine gods, Peterson and Morphy, to help him put up the space door.

After it was completed, Kevin sent more than a dozen Divine Realm slaves to guard it.

Every creature that wanted to enter the Fallen Immortal Cosmos had to undergo an inspection, and they had to pay a certain fee before they could pass through the space door.

Of course, under normal circumstances, outsiders could freely go and leave the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

As for its locals, it was encouraged for them to leave and go to other universes to travel, broaden their horizons, and look for inspiration every time they encountered a bottleneck in their cultivation.

For instance, after becoming earth immortals, the Eight Stone Saints left the Fallen Immortal Cosmos to explore other universes.

In that way, the Fallen Immortal Cosmos became an open and free universe.

"Well, Elder Kevin has really good management skills.

In fact, he is the

an to tremble violently at the same rhythm with the hulking footsteps.

An indescribably terrifying aura spread out and enveloped the entire three thousand big and small universes.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The sound of the footsteps made everything quiver.

A horrifying aura shrouded all the universes.

Thump! Thump!

The heavy footsteps continuously reverberated around the three thousand big and small universes.

"What happened?"

Divine Realm masters rushed out of every universe.

Some of the divine gods didn't appear in the scene, but they released their spiritual senses to perceive the commotion.

Finally, everyone saw something.

A colossal and terrible beast was walking in the chaotic void between the three thousand big and small universes.

Its body was terrifyingly gigantic, and was even larger than a single universe.

Compared to the beast, the sun, the moon, and stars were nothing but dust!

The spine-chilling beast was covered with black scales all over its body. It emitted a cold black light that soon turned into a dark mist.

While it was walking, it was like a predator with a ferocious aura.

Hundreds of sharp spear-like thorns protruded its back and made it look forbidding. With its white tusks, it looked like a rare ancient beast.

In the three thousand big and small universes, many divine gods and Divine Realm masters were paralyzed with fear as they stared at the beast that was slowly walking in the chaotic void.

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