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   Chapter 3356 Cosmos Upgrade

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"It's so impressive!"

Austin was very grateful to the chaotic world tree.

"That isn't the best part yet. Just wait and see. It won't be long before this cosmos becomes a low-grade one.

After that, it will be upgraded to the middle grade, and finally to the high grade,"

the chaotic world tree said confidently.

"Wait. What? Did you just say that this cosmos can be upgraded to a high-grade one?"

Austin couldn't believe his ears.

"Yes, of course. That's no big deal.

Now that I have merged with the cosmos, it will grow and be upgraded gradually as I grow,"

the chaotic world tree explained plainly.

"Oh, I see. That's great then."

Austin was overjoyed as he heard the information from the chaotic world tree.

If the Fallen Immortal Cosmos could be upgraded to a high-grade one in the future, it meant that its overall strength would definitely advance by many folds.

It was known that premium-grade gods usually resided in high-grade universes.

Even in the Sea of Chaos, high-grade universes would attract many cultivators. They tried to get into one to cultivate there because of the rich energy that they could utilize.

"By the way, do you need any kind of resources to sustain and easily advance your growth?

I'll try to find them for you if it's necessary,"

Austin asked sincerely.

"You want to find resources for my growth?


Are you sure you can do that?"

The chaotic world tree burst out laughing, thinking that Austin was joking.

"Why are you laughing? I'll do it. Just tell me what you need,"

Austin replied with a straight face.

"Okay. Okay. I guess there's no harm in trying. Well, there are three types of resources that you could find for me.

First, there is the divine soil formed from the flesh and blood of a dead premium-grade divine god. Second would be the soil under the root of an evergreen tree, which is also called the non-corroding soil. Last is the time water, which is the sacred water of the wild race.

If you can help me find all of these three precious treasures, it would greatly benefit me."

The chaotic world tree stared at Austin with a playful look as it gave him the details of the treasures.

Austin swallowed hard and smiled awkwardly after hearing what the tree said.

His confidence kind of dwindled upon hearing the names of the treasures.

If his memory served him right, he had never seen or heard any of these treasures before.

Just from their strange names, he could


"This is a good sign, right?" "Do these strange phenomena indicate that something good will soon happen in our cosmos?"

All the creatures in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos immediately felt the phenomena that were happening all around the cosmos.

They looked up in the sky and were inexplicably excited about what was going to happen.

Deep in the void, in the secret room, Austin also perceived what was going on outside.

"What is this?" Austin felt a gentle warmth in his soul.

Still sitting quietly, Austin suddenly opened his eyes and felt an overwhelming joy filling his heart.

He quickly got out of the void and rushed to the starry sky of the universe.

"This is it! At last! A low-grade universe!

The Fallen Immortal Cosmos has officially become a low-grade universe!"

Austin couldn't help but rejoice. After years of hardships, little by little, their cosmos was advancing steadily.

He laughed so loud that the sound waves spread in all directions.

Every creature, despite their cultivation bases, could clearly hear Austin's joyous laughter no matter where they were in the cosmos.

"That's Leader Austin!

He said that the Fallen Immortal Cosmos had finally reached the low-grade status!"

Countless creatures cheered at this achievement.

Waves of revelry shook and spread all over the cosmos.

The creatures of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos were not ignorant as they used to. They acquired knowledge from the outside world and they learned about the quality and grade of worlds and cosmoses. That was why when they learned that they finally achieved the low-grade status, they celebrated enthusiastically with Austin.

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