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   Chapter 3354 The Formidable Evil Baby

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"Oh? You are the Flame Emperor?"

Austin smiled and stopped what he was doing.

Immediately, three figures jumped out of the bed.

The man was indeed the Flame Emperor, Gary.

Behind him were two beautiful women named Jennifer and Audrey.

"Austin, do you want to turn your back on me? Why did you hit me?"

the Flame Emperor complained.

"No, I am not turning my back on you. I simply didn't expect to meet you here... But in any case, if you overreact in front of me again, I am going to throw you out,"

the man replied crossly.

"If you understand that, cool! Now, come down and have a drink."

He smiled and tossed a jar of wine in front of the Flame Emperor.

Pretty soon, the Flame Emperor joined the drinking match in which the gnome, Evan, Herbert and a few others were already competing.

On the other side of the spacious place, Caroline, Ivy, Sue, Violet and several other women had gathered around each other. Most of them were well acquainted with each other now, and having found a quiet place to sit down, they were busy talking happily.

Austin saw that the Peacock Princess had arrived with a large group of women from the beast race. Michelle, Tessa, Stacy and Kimberly were also here.

The sight of Stacy brought back several old memories. He could clearly recall their romantic past that had occurred in the Wild Herb Valley of the East Mainland of the Divine Continent.


While Austin was lost in thought, a pleasant voice rang in his ears.

"Isis, it's you!"

Austin greeted her in surprise.

A woman with fair skin and long hair was gracefully walking towards him.

Besides her was a slender and graceful woman in green colored clothes. Charm was rushing all around her body.


Austin remarked as he thought of a person.

Winnie and Isis belonged to the same sect in the Prime Martial World, and the two had once tried to kill him.

"That's me. I didn't think you'd remember me."

The beautiful woman in green bowed gracefully to him.

"Wow! What are you two doing here? You know what? Come on and have a drink with us."

Violet came over to greet them as well.

And then the Peacock Princess, Michelle, Tessa, Stacy and Kimberly also joined Violet's group.

The headquarters of the Flame Holy Land seemed really full of excitement and joy today.

Suddenly, Austin's heart skipped a beat. He had sensed something. Immediately, he put down his glass, strode out of the

e ago, after the gods of darkness had been defeated, Hackett and Elliot gathered the remaining forces which consisted of about a thousand gods of darkness. Before they fled, each of them contributed half of their divine energy essence.

In addition, they had also collected a massive amount of priceless treasures from the heavens and the earth.

Hackett and Elliot used a secret skill together and refined the evil baby using those treasures and divine energy essence.

It was said that the secret skill originated among the isolated alien spaces.

Parker, Alethea, Emperor Haidar and other powerful warriors went deep into the heart of the Karakoram Mountain to study the evil baby and try to find out its weaknesses.

In the end, they came to a fearsome conclusion that if the evil baby was ever successfully born, even a premium-grade divine god would not be able to deal with it.

So if even a premium-grade divine god cannot defeat the creature, just imagine how terrifying it would be!"

Peterson said worriedly.

"Master, is there really no way to destroy the evil baby?"

Austin asked.

"Parker, Alethea, Emperor Haidar and several other powerful warriors tried numerous times to kill the evil baby, but in the end, they simply didn't dare to do so.

Once the evil baby is killed, the resulting shock wave would completely destroy the three thousand big and small universes.

No creature would be able to escape death.

Hackett and Elliot are so cruel,"

Morphy said, shaking his head.

"In that case, we also can't deal with the evil baby."

Austin also felt this matter was really difficult to handle.

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