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   Chapter 3353 A Grand Banquet

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After activating the Reincarnation Token, Austin disappeared.

With its magic power, he traveled through different cosmoses in the three thousand big and small universes.

He only had one purpose for this travel.

That was to collect as many earth dragons as he could.

Every cosmos had a lot of stars and continents.

And he never missed any of them. He looked for earth dragons in every star and continent one after another.

After visiting more than a dozen cosmoses in the past a few days, he had already collected a large number of earth dragons. But he wanted more, so he wondered if he had to go to every cosmos in the three thousand big and small universes just to get what he wanted.

"The three thousand big and small universes are indeed low in quality.

There are only a few earth dragons in every star and continent,"

murmured Austin to himself.

"There are so many stars and continents here, but none of them can compare to Earth when it comes to the number of earth dragons.

The Divine Being's World has even more earth dragons than here."

He couldn't help remembering the Earth and the Divine Being's World and comparing them to the three thousand big and small universes.

In those two worlds, he was able to find a large number of earth dragons that he used in his fights.

But now, he felt a little disappointed. He had already traveled through more than a dozen cosmoses here, but none of them had good numbers of earth dragons.

"Well, they say that Earth was once one of the core worlds of the three thousand big and small universes, and it had a very high status even in ancient times.

That may be the reason why there are so many earth dragons under its ground.

And the Divine Being's World is a supreme world, so it's not surprising that there are also many earth dragons in it,"

he speculated while comparing the worlds he had explored.

A few moments later, when Austin finished exploring lots of stars and continents, he decided to take all the earth dragons he had collected back to the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land in the Immortal End World.


He stood high in the sky and waved his hand toward the earth dragons. Numerous illusory and transparent earth dragons shone brightly and rushed to the ground. They all dived into the ground and disappeared.

After a short while, so many earth dragons wandered and played with each other under the ground.

Then waves of thick Earth Energy turned into mist and spread like seething flood water. What a beautiful scene to behold!

Soon, the whole headquarters of the Flame Holy Land was filled with boiling spiritual energy. It suddenly looked like a fairyland wrapped in clouds of divine mist.

Every creature in the Flame Holy Land felt the sudden change in their land.

They all cheered and applauded to the beautiful transformation that happened to them.

Austin believed that with the help of these earth dragons, the Flame Holy Land would soon become filled with spiritual energy and would be suitable for cultivation.

He had sent more than thirty earth dragons into this land.

Besides, he also used the Dragon L

ted Bray's answer.

"Marrying the Holy Daughters, of course!

Darlings, come here and meet my brothers,"

Bray called his wives excitedly.

Eight beautiful women rushed over and surrounded Bray immediately.

They had different charms. Some of them were tall and slender, while some were petite but with well-developed figures.

"These are my wives. Just look at them. They are the Holy Daughters of different major sects.

Several years ago, I swore that I would marry a Holy Daughter in the future.

Haven't I fulfilled that promise? I married not only one Holy Daughter, but eight.

And I won't just end here. I will do my best to marry as many Holy Daughters as possible."

Bray seemed extremely elated being surrounded by a crowd of beautiful women.

"You are awesome! Even a god cannot have so many women as his wives,"

Shepard commented enthusiastically.

"To have many beautiful wives is my dream too. You must tell me your secret!

From now on, you will be my master. Teach me how to get many beautiful women to be my wives."

Shepard approached Bray like a ball of lightning, ready to kowtow as a disciple.

"These guys are all talking nonsense. They must really be drunk now!"

Austin's face darkened upon watching such a ridiculous scene.

"His Majesty of the Cloud Empire is here!"

Suddenly, a voice was heard from afar.

When everyone turned to look, they all saw a group of dignified guards flying over, surrounding a large bed engraved with dragons.

Austin squinted at the unexpected visitors and recognized who they were. But he soon decided to play along.

"Who are you, and who gave you the right to break into the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land?" he shouted.

He expanded and stretched his hand towards the large bed.

The large dragon bed was instantly frozen by an unseen terrible law power in midair. No matter how much the guards tried, they couldn't move it even an inch forward.

"Austin, it's me, the Flame Emperor!

Can't you remember me anymore?"

A man's voice came from inside the dragon bed, and he sounded panicky.

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