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   Chapter 3352 The Headquarters Of The Flame Holy Land

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After the chaotic world tree left, Austin then landed on the continent.

On the continent, he saw that grasses and trees were already sprouting. The area was being filled with life.

Plains, forests, mountains, rivers, and deserts were also forming. All kinds of topography were emerging and were arranged in their proper order.

Everything seemed to be getting complete, slowly but steadily.

It was hard to believe that this continent had just been repaired for about only a couple of days.

Austin credited this mainly to the prowess of the chaotic world tree.

"Austin, this is amazing. In just a few days, our continent has recovered more than half of its previous state.

It seems that we're going to fully recover soon!"

Master Kevin said as he approached Austin.

"Yes. I'm also glad that we're recovering at a steady rate,"

Austin replied with a big smile.

"By the way, Master Kevin, I need to ask you a favor. I'll leave the supervision of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos to you.

If you'll need any resources or encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to tell me.

Thank you so much for all these years' hard work. I really appreciate it,"

Austin said in a soft and calm voice.

"Don't be so formal.

Besides, I'm already used to you leaving the tedious work to others,"

Master Kevin sighed, teasing Austin.

"Ha-ha, I know. That's why we're so lucky to have you here with us,"

Austin answered sincerely.

"Well, we still have a lot of important things to do. I'll continue to do my best."

Kevin bowed and left after talking to Austin.

Looking at his back, Austin felt warm inside.

'Now, let me go back to the Flame Holy Land and have a look.'

Austin set out and soon he arrived at the sky above the Flame Holy Land.

Like other areas, it was also pretty damaged.

The mountains and buildings were all destroyed. The place was in a total mess.

Most of the law of supreme enlightenment and spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the Immortal End World had been restored.

However, on the ground, many cities, villages, and other infrastructures were still needed to be rebuilt by manpower.

At the same moment, the people on the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land were busy rebuilding their area. Several people were constantly coming and going.

As Austin glanced around, he found that dozens of the main mountains along the area had collapsed and were severely damaged.

Generally, the headquarters of sects were located near mountains and rivers.

This was because these places were where the spiritual energy of heaven and ea

you saying, Herbert?

Why are you hiding in a dark corner?

Stop being creepy!"

Most of the time, Austin was really annoyed at Herbert's exaggeration.

"I'm telling the truth.

You can ask Evan if you want.

Tin, you always had a special place in my heart!

I really missed you!"

Herbert shouted and even tried to hug Austin.

"Stop! Get out of here!"

Austin quickly dodged and kicked his butt.

Herbert was then thrown into the air.

"I wonder when he will learn to control that glib tongue of his."

Evan let out a sigh as he shook his head.

"Well, enough horseplay. Let's go back to work.

It'll take some time to renovate the entire headquarters.

Let's work together to finish it immediately.

Then, let's hold a big party and celebrate!"

Austin lifted the spirit of the people.

"All right!"

Everyone agreed in unison and got back to their workstations.

After the crowd dispersed, Austin also landed on the ground.

He immediately used the Earth Exploring Technique. His spiritual sense spread over in all directions.

'Hmm. The level of the Immortal End Continent is too low and the Earth Energy is too thin. Even the number of earth dragons is very small.

There are just less than ten earth dragons in total."

Austin furrowed his brows and let out a sigh.

'It seems like I have to go out for a while and collect some earth dragons.

If I collect a small number of earth dragons from various worlds in the three thousand big and small universes, I think that would be enough already. I could do that myself and bring them back here, '

Austin thought and finalized his plan.

A few moments after, Austin took out the Reincarnation Token and activated it right away.

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